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  • Mar 21st 2023 at 9:31 PM
    unserious SERIOUS marketing

    One of the best ways to remember what you've learned at anything is to remember how it MADE YOU LAUGH. We have discovered from direct experience that we ALL remember the funny ads we see.

    At GHClub we apply this memorable concept.

    unserious SERIOUS marketing.

    teaching you with humour so that you WILL NEVER FORGET!

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  • Well done, sweetheart!! You've got dozens of new fans wanting to say Hi online this week and none of them are trying to o sell you stuff. I am officially PROUD of you and want people to know that !!!

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  • Apr 18th 2023 at 8:28 AM
    Surfing on Easy Hits 4U

    Now UPGRADED at Easy Hits 4U ..... it's almost HOME these days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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  • Apr 3rd 2023 at 7:48 PM
    Laugh Of Bert's Day



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  • Mar 26th 2023 at 4:14 PM


    I would give Diedre plenty of room, if I were you. Or maybe keep SOCIALLY DISTANT. YOU WILL GET QUITE WET. So do wear a mac!

    unserious SERIOUS marketing

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  • Our NEW site is being built from home using ALL the MOST POWERFUL TOOLS from the TOOLKIT below.

    We hope that these will help you in your quest for SUCCESS!

    Check back daily...

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  • Mar 16th 2023 at 9:52 AM
    The Dastardly Plan!

    You have to be careful these days with so many crooks being very good at specialising at being master crooks, then walking off with all me dosh, after bamboozling me brain.

    To counter this madness we're adding some KERBONKERS madness of our own, AND IT'S ALL KLARA'S FAULT, especially when she ain't looking.


    The Secret Society of Imaginary Friends
    for those who don't want their psychiatrists to know.

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  • Nov 10th 2018 at 12:48 PM
    Beginners Guide To Websites

    When you’re a beginner in the online world & are just starting your professional online journey this Beginners Guide will help you navigate & understand the complex technical terms you’ll find at most sites.

    Expenses Involved In Staying Online:

    Before you begin your professional online journey you’ll need to answer the most important question we get asked over & over again – How much will being online cost me?

    Costs can be broken down into 3 ESSENTIAL main areas:

    Hosting – here at Global Homeworkers Club ALL of our costs are kept deliberately at their bare essential costs & pass on these cheapest rate costs to you!

    Domain INITITAL Purchase PLUS ANNUAL RENEWAL – All domains & subdomains need to be purchased & renewed every year. The cost of this will be according to your domain name supplier & will vary according to your domain type, .com .shop, etc.

    SSL Certification INITITAL Purchase PLUS ANNUAL RENEWAL – All SSL Certificates are initally free of charge but will need to be renewed every year at site owners expense. The cost of this will be according to the current fee from the Certificate Authorities but average around $10 per year.

    Hosting, Domains & SSL Certification will be renewed annually with Global Homeworkers Club. As a website owner you will be notifidied in plenty of time for auto-renewal of each.


    Annual Hosting Plan Cost + Domain Purchase or annual renewal cost for each domain/subdomain + annual renewal cost for SSL Certification for each domain/subdomain.

    What Is Hosting?
    Hosting is the process of having an internet company giving you a space with them in which to have your website stored & displayed online by them. Hosting is always required in for each & every website you may wish to have online.

    Simply put, a hosting company is like a landlord who will lease you a plot of land (hosting plan) on which you can build your building (your domain).

    Hosting for websites can be offered by major companies like, etc, who specialise in all types of hosting plans for major corporations & have massive storage space for millions of websites.

    In addition to hosting websites hosting companies offer email accounts to be maintained for each website to give visitors to your websites the re-assurance that yours is a professional site.

    Hosting using these major companies can often be offered indirectly by resellers who are able to resell hosting plans at a greatly reduced price compared to the main hosting companies but using all of the services of the main hosting companies.

    Resellers purchase blocks of hosting space & offer portions of this space according to individual needs for smaller sites. This gives resellers the advantage of being able to pay individual attention to the requirements of smaller companies or invidiuals who need an online presence & create tailored hosting plans as required.

    Do I Need Hosting?

    If you wish to have your own domain (website) on the plot of land (hosting) that you lease from your hosting company (landlord) you will definitely require hosting.

    Every website that exists online must be hosted. This does not mean that you cannot have your own online presence online without a hosting plan.

    Many webstes exist that will offer you free websites, profile pages at their sites or free landing pages you can use to promote both yourself & the comapny offering you the free sites.

    How Much Hosting Space Do I Need?

    Our Global Homeworkers Club Hosting Plans come with 10GB of storage space for your websites. This is enough to host an average of 5 websites or online shops with 5,000 products or blogging posts on each before any upgrade to larger sizes is needed. How long would it take an average blogger to fill this space? Years & years!!

    One of the main considerations when planning hosting is how much bandwidth you’ll need (room to transmit data to many visitors or websites simultaniously). We’ve found that we can run dozens of websites at the same time with up to 20 visitors at every site with no drain on speed or volume using just a portion of the smallest hosting plan we offer.

    What Is A Domain?

    A domain is a website that has been purchased with a domain registration company. In addition to purchasing a domain for each website you require you’ll also need hosting for that website to that people get to see your website online.

    Domains are in effect buildings (websites) that you build on your plot of land (hosting plan). You can create almost any type of building on your domain, the most popular of which is WordPress (a blogging platform which turns your domain into a type of newspaper office that you add news items or posts/pages to). WordPress can also be used to create an online store from which you can sell almost anything.

    Domains can have any alphanumeric name & currently there are 100s of TLDs (domain name endings) available for personal & commercial use.

    A typical domain name would look like this – GlobalHomeworkersClub.LIVE

    Many commercial domains end with the suffix .com however this is rapidly changing as new domain suffixes arelive becoming far more brand friendly. The highest increase in domain suffixes is currently for .shop .live .club which are currently multiplying in user at a rate of x3 per year on average.

    What Is A Subdomain?

    A subdomain is a website that runs seperately & independently to a main domain but is placed beneath or alongside a domain allowing websites to have many layers, each as a seperate website.

    This can be likened to the domain being the mothership ( as demo) of company headquaters with subdomains being added rather like departments within an office or shop. These are run using the name but adding an extra prefix such as SHOP or MEMBERS. Each subdomain or is run as an invidiual website but as part of the group.

    If the main domain (main headquarters) becomes inactive (no longer hosted) all subdomains will go with it.

    Typical subdomains we use to anchor websites under our main website: —

    What Is SSL?

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the means by which websites transmit & collect data securely.

    In order to prove to visitors that any information they may enter at any website is safe each website requiring security is tested by by Certificate Authorities to determine if an SSL certificate should be issued. This is a similar process to a passport office checking information is correct & valid before issuing a recognised passport.

    Certificate Authorities then issue SSL Certificates for each site needed which are registered with them. Once issued your websites will now be listed as secure & contain the https prefix plus the anchor symbol in the address bar.

    An SSL certificate is a digital computer file (or small piece of code) that has two specific functions:

    1. Authentication and Verification: The SSL certificate has information about the authenticity of certain details regarding the identity of a person, business or website, which it will display to visitors on your website when they click on the browser’s padlock symbol in the website address bar.

    2. Data Encryption: The SSL certificate also enables data to be encrypted, meaning sensitive information cannot be intercepted & seen but anyonee other than the intended recipient.

    Do I Need SSL For My Sites?

    You only need SSL Certification for your websites if you transmit private data over your website.

    If you have any site selling any product or service where cash is collected directly through your sites then SSL is an absolute must. This will give both you & your visitors the extra encrypted data security & so extra piece of mind.

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  • Nov 7th 2018 at 6:27 AM
    Mentor POWER

    It’s A Fact Of Life…

    Getting started online & working at home for yourself can be a really lonely thing. The majority of profit making schemes are simply there to take your cash. Most people who start out online end up broke within months because the really valuable help they need is almost non-existent!

    It isn’t easy taking the leap of faith that’s needed in yourself to risk your time & cash as an investment in yourself when times are hard. You really need that extra cash for you & your family. We know exactly how that feels. Venturing into the unknown & having to trust people claiming to want to help you is a daunting task.

    So many of the people we have helped have stood where you stand right now. We helped them with real assistance; mentoring them. We know from direct experience that when anyone starts their own online business the help they get MUST work! The training & support given at Global Homeworkers Club is the real deal. We will guide you & mentor you when you need it the most with the guidance & help you’ll need from experts who have helped 100s of online businesses over the years.

    We will be busy working with you to show you how to do the things you’ll need to be successful. From the very beginnings of your journey, through each part of your journey we will walk alongside you, watching over your shoulder to ensure your success.

    When you want to start an online business you need training that focuses on your business & you. That is what we do. We offer individual training, one to one, so you’ll receive targeted training from us, geared to your needs, not just to the generic needs of the masses.

    Never again do you need to be at the mercy of those who simply take your cash and abandon you to learn everything yourself. Our training works for you. We know it works for all of your online business needs because we’ve been doing this for decades. When you receive training from Global Homeworkers Club you aare mentored by experts with decades of real experience, not just 5 minutes as with some companies.

    So many fail because it’s too late to learn to fly once you’ve hit the ground. We never allow that to happen because we always say …


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  • Oct 30th 2018 at 9:58 PM
    How Cool Is It Being Disabled?

    👸 WOW - Being disabled is no bar to being online & working for yourself from home.

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  • Oct 27th 2018 at 4:03 AM
    Global Homeworkers Club

    Website Tools For Developers

    Grab this amazing FREE selection of online tools and downloadable software widely used by affiliate marketers & download to your PC today.  We use every one of these ourselves.

    All resources listed are downloadable & malware/virus free so go ahead and install the software used by professional designers, bloggers & eCommerce store creators.

    The list of resources we come across online increases daily so book mark this page & pop back regularly,.  You never know what useful or amazing free resource we come across next.


    Free Essential PC Maintenance Programs:

    AusLogics Defrag – Keep your PC running faster.  Compact and fast defragmenter with over 19 million downloads worldwide! It will improve your PC’s performance by defragmenting and re-arranging files on your disk.

    cCleaner – Clear junk from your PC – select FREE option. The world’s most popular PC cleaner

    It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure


    Free WordPress Blogging Engine

    WordPress Download Get WordPress – Use the software that powers over 31% of the web.


    Free Image Editing Programs:

    Canva – Free online image creation software – Our No.1 Choice.  Used by website owners/developers & social media users everywhere.

    Irfanview – Free downloadable image editing software.

    BlueVoda – Free downloadable image creation/editing & website production software. Use activation code: vodalove

    picmonkey – Free online image creation software.

    chartgo – Free online charts creation & chart images to create & download.


    Royalty Free Images For Use Anywhere:

    Pixabay – Great Stock Images to enhance any website.

    burst.shopify – More Stock Images to enhance any website.

    thestocks – Cool Stock Images to enhance any website.

    graphicburger – Brilliant Stock Images to enhance any website.


    Free Fonts To Download & Use:

    Cooltext – Spectacular photographic texts and fonts you can create online then download for any use.

    1001freefonts – Free fonts for your own & commercial use


    Free Document Templates:

    TermsFeed – Create your page policies

    Simply-Docs – Free documents to create & use


    Auto-Responders – Some Free & Some Premium.

    MailChimp – The most popular WordPress plugin auto-responder

    iContact –  – Email marketing re-imagined

    ConstantContact – Email marketing software

    Infusionsoft – Highly recommended!!

    GetResponse – Amail marketing software

    Ontraport – All in one business automation, sales funnel & landing page creation – Free version allows 1000K impressions each month.


    Free Video Makers:

    powtoons – Create brilliant videos for YouTube without showing yourself on camera.

    muvizu – Brilliant layer animation suite we use for animated toom promos & branded GIFs.

    Lumen5 – Free image & text video creation site.  Excellent for those who having difficulty speaking or being in front of a camera.  Allows page/post transformation to auto generated photo/text videos from entered URL.


    Free YouTube Video Downloaders:

    YTD Video Downloader – Download YouTube Videos.


    Free File Transfer Programs:

    FileZilla Download – File Transfer Software For cPanel accessable domains.  Essential backup for your website.  This software is a MUST for all website designers/developers.


    Free Website Testers:

    WhyNoPadlock Discover why your site security SSL (https) is showing as insecure.

    Pingdom Brilliant website load speed & other metrics so you can improve the user experience of your website.

    GTMetrix Brilliant website load speed & other metrics so you can improve the user experience of your website.

    WebPageTest Brilliant website load speed & other metrics so you can improve the user experience of your website.

    BrokeLinkCheck Discover why the links on your website are failing.

    CardinalPath Pay Per Click (PPC) Advert Testing tools.


    Handy FREE Google Chrome Plugins: – just look in Ap Store

    ColorZilla – just look in Ap Store

    Colour picker that remembers any colour from your screen that you highlight with your cursor – just hover over any part of screen when using Google Chrome & click – hey presto – the colour is recorded into memory for use in your colour system.  Briliant for copying cool colours you come across on Google Chrome browser.


    KeywordsEverywhere – just look in Ap Store

    Generates alternative keywords from any search term in Google & gives instant on-screen keyword comparison & PPC prices.


    Global Homeworkers Club Logo

    If you’ve got any really useful or handy free website development tools you use online, do let us know so we can share our knowledge.  Just get in touch, let us know about them, and we’ll pass your help to everyone else – If you leave any info about tools please leave your link – all linking helps everyone when done correctly.


    Thanks from the Global Homeworkers Club team.

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  • This amazing version of the Simon & Garfunkel hit Sound Of Silence shared by fellow Hungry For Hitter, Donna.

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  • Oct 25th 2018 at 5:47 PM
    Introducing the HOME of REAL Mentoring

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