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  • May 14th 2024 at 2:33 PM
    Ad Winners Daily

    Mark, You won a prize at Ad Winners Daily

    20th April 2024 - $0.75
    23rd April 2024 - 3 login ad(s) with 30 views
    28th April 2024 - $1
    10th May 2024 - 7500 credits
    12th May 2024 - 2 text link(s) with 60 views
    14th May 2024 - $1

    Every night, 12 lucky winners are selected from those who clicked over 35 ads. And you can win more than once. Just click 35 ads daily, and you'll be entered into our nightly drawing. It's that easy.

    Click 350 over the whole week to be in the drawing for the current prize of $25!

    When joining you get a number of promo codes including one that gives you a lifetime banner, never any credits needed for it to show and get click throughs, and it delivers - full stats are available on how many shows and clicks you are receiving.

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  • May 9th 2024 at 1:35 PM
    Valuable Prizes for Being Active

    Once again the For You sites have rewarded handsomely just for being an active member.

    An advertising source that I have used for many months and will continue to do for the simple reason - it delivers!

    Consistently ranked number 1 on listhoopla because each and every mail sent gets a high click through rate, advertising to a large group of proven buyers with real conversions happening on many campaigns

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  • Apr 15th 2024 at 5:06 AM
    Activity Pays

    It is always nice to wake up on a Monday morning to emails like this.

    Activity really does pay here, it typically takes around 30 minutes each day to complete all of the daily activity targets which are easy to achieve such as clicking on 10 banners, 15 block ads etc..

    Super responsive advertising too! I have gained referrals and sales from my solo ads posted here

    There are over $250 in prizes awarded monthly also, so give it a try to be in with a chance of winning whilst advertising your business or offers.

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  • Oct 28th 2023 at 8:46 PM
    Easy Online Advertising

    Easy Online Advertising

    One of the best free to join traffic exchanges earning you 1 website view for every 2 pages surfed where the owner also invites you to test the traffic by giving you 1000 website views (credits) after surfing your first 50 pages

    Very active and approachable owner who always listens

    Premium food game partner

    Advertise upto 5 websites as a free member for quality traffic that gets delivered fast daily

    Add content to your blog and it will get exposure in the owners rotator both on and outside of this exchange

    2 Daily Food Game Draws for a chance of winning 1000 Food Game Gold

    Frequent prize pages and easy baloons to pop to earn advertising credit and piggy funds

    Very affordable upgrades with cash, piggy funds or food game gold for additional benefits

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  • Jun 11th 2023 at 9:32 AM
    Your ADS seen by more people

    A must have in your internet marketing toolboox

    Harvest Traffic Coop banner

    We are all looking to extend the reach of visitors to our
    businesses, websites or affiliate links. Becoming
    members of many websites in the process and spending
    a lot of time surfing for credits to get visitors back only
    at one particular website.

    You may often find you have accumulated a lot of
    credits, more than you are currently able to use on what
    you are promoting, so why not put these credits to use?

    Harvest Traffic is a coop website, as a FREE member if
    you send 2 hits to your coop link, you will receive 1
    visitor back to your website, also working on a credit
    based system.

    If you decide to upgrade at $7.95 a month, you double
    your visitors back, 1 hit on your coop link is 1 visitor
    back to your website.

    These are visitors you are getting back at a total of 1676
    different traffic sources at the time of writing this,
    amazing right!

    What I really love about this coop is the ability to see
    where your traffic was delivered with its comprehensive
    tracking statistics, hits today, yesterday, week, and all

    You can see exactly which website your AD was seen at
    right down to the very second it was shown, giving you
    that extra confidence that you are reaching people that
    you wouldnt normally reach by your usual methods.

    If you are not already a member, join now and give it a
    try, its FREE to use always.

    Harvest Traffic Coop banner

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  • Jun 7th 2023 at 7:35 PM
    FREE upgrade on this TE!

    The Food Game banner

    I have always been one to put effort in when testing
    products and services - with that I am pleased to say
    that has met, and perhaps
    exceeds my expectations of a traffic exchange that
    generously rewards its active members.

    It is very much possible to surf for your upgrades without
    spending all day surfing. Weekly draws for free members,
    top 3 prizes are a one week upgrade based on how many
    claims you have clicked (every 114 pages approx) and 3
    random winners with a timer adjustment upgrade.

    Each day you surf, you can also claim credit for your
    surfing, with a maximum of $0.22 if you surf 2,000 pages.
    Upgrades can be exchanged for this credit also.

    I would highly recommend the medium level upgrade,
    Clues II Special at $3.97 only each month, this upgrade
    gives a shorter timer and very good bonuses for VTG if
    you are also a member. Perhaps upgrade upon joining
    with the discount on offer.

    The Food Game banner

    Feel free to message me, if you would like any more
    information or would like to chat.

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