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I like dogs, I love to travel and I hope to go around the world some day. I go to the gym and run quite often, and I also love cooking.
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  • Oct 11th 2018 at 4:11 PM
    Hi I am Sofia!

    Hi everyone, welcome to my page!

    I have been advertising online for maybe 4 years. Klara helped me in the beginning to get started and taught me where and how to do it, and I consider myself pretty successful these days.

    I pretty much only use Hungry For Hits when it comes to traffic exchanges, there's just not anything else nearly as good out there anymore. Things changed the last few years, and the big old sites aren't nearly as good as Hungry For Hits.

    I really love this new blog and social network feature! Even if I don't know many people here, I love that I can find EVERY single member and read all their blogs anyway!

    If you haven't joined already, don't waste any more time. Sign up and get started on the best traffic exchange in the world.


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Hi I am Sofia!
Oct 11th 2018 at 4:11 PM
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