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  • Jan 27th 2023 at 4:31 PM
    We're Going Where?

    ***** First Post for 2023 *****

    It's okay not to know where it's all taking you.
    Find the beauty in the journey.

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  • Mar 22nd 2020 at 12:02 PM
    Just Start

    The key to your journey is to start and then keep going.

    Each day is an opportunity to "start" something new. Many of us have started something new and then slowed down or just stopped. Today I just want to say to you, "Keep going".

    I know that a number of my internet friends are on the right track and doing well, but there are some that have started and don't keep going. (I am also talking to myself here) Sometimes it's all in the routine of specific actions. I have a checklist that I follow. It makes it easier to "keep going" and stay the course.
    I have my daily sites, my weekly sites and my monthly sites. I have my daily, weekly and monthly to do's. I use to try to keep everything in my head and go about tending to each task as they came to mind. My memory is pretty good and for a very long while that worked well. I know that wasn't the best way to go about doing things, so I changed. But ... I kept going.

    Today, I just wanted to encourage you to get started if you haven't already, with something new, and with what ever you are already involved in to just keep going.
    Thank you for your time.

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  • Nov 20th 2019 at 3:48 AM
    Second Blog Post

    Don't worry, I will not number my post after this. I'm not used to blogging and have avoided it at all costs. I am aware that even thou I only have one friend at this time, others may wander by and see this post also.
    I took a look at Klara's post and felt inspired and encouraged. Thank you, Klara.
    HBP - High Blood Pressure
    HBP - Wishing You

    Health, Blessings and Prosperity.

    Love This Site:

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  • Good judgment comes from experience; and experience...well, that comes from bad judgment. Dayspring Calendar.

    My first blog post. Got that out of the way. Moving on.

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