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Most site information is posted in the Knowledgebase, so you may
find your answer directly instead of waiting for a ticket reply.

Click here to access the Knowledgebase.

Enter the word your question is about in the "Search help" field at the top of the
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Please note that your question will not be read if you reply directly to admin emails,
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If you don't find what you are looking for in the Knowledgebase, you can send a question directly to
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When you submit a ticket, you will get an email confirmation with the ticket tracking ID. It is also a good idea to save the tracking ID somewhere else. You will get another email when the ticket has been replied to. You must access the support ticket to reply, any direct replies to the admin email notification will not be read. The confirmation is sent to you immediately, check your spam folder if you can't see it.

If you don't get the immediate email confirmation or a notification when the ticket reply has been posted,
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I did not get a verification email

As it says on the signup page, please use Gmail when you register, as many webmail services block traffic exchange emails as spam. First, check the junk folder of the email account you registered with. If you didn't get your verification mail, the first step is to whitelist, then go to the Log in page and click "Resend verification code". The mail is sent out instantly. Do not send any emails directly to that email address, it is an unmonitored account for automated mails and anything you send to it will not be read.

If you still don't get the email, send a ticket to the support desk. Again, please use Gmail to send the ticket, to be sure the reply will be delivered to your email provider. In your ticket, include your username, the email you used to sign up with, and also include another email address so that I can change it in your account and send you the new verification code.


Will I lose anything if I don't log in?

No, you will never lose anything. Everything else stays the same. Members are only removed from our site if they ask to have their account deleted.


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