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I'm an artist and lover of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love love love marketing on the internet. I follow two mentors even though I have been on here for 23 or 24 years. My blog posts here will be all about the strategies I am learning from these mentors. You can follow along and copy all I'm doing if you care to join me. I feel like I'm finished wading through a sea of business opportunities and found what works finally. Kudos to my mentors. Again, I'd love for you to join me and meet them. They are there for all downlines which blows my mind since that is normally not the way it goes. Stay tuned and check out my blog it will be full of marketing and money making strategies that will surely blow your mind. I've always thought strategies were the way to go NOW I'm sure you just need a strategy and biz opp that is here to stay. I offer both. If you take the plunge with me you'll never join another prelaunch again only to find your money gone to them and the opportunity closed. Yes it happens on here daily. Just a quick heads up. my policy is don't join prelaunches EVER. Klara thanks for the RSS feed that rocks a million!
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  • Yep that's right our new strategy is starting over at Ellie Murphy's FB Group. We are learning to blog to earn. And we send people to our blogs using Leadsleap autoresponders.

    Since we all bought into global domains international as our monthly earner and leadsleap for the autoresponder.
    We're working on ways to cover fees. This is usually a problem most people just pay pay pay for the rest of their lives. And that is because they do not know how to recruit. But Ellie is helping us who want to get into these two opportunities. I don't call these bizopps, nor affiliate programs they are the tools you need to make it online if you are in to making money. You need both. You can get into our blogging group for free but I highly recommend you become a member of global domains international first. Go here: and if you are not in leadsleap go here:! You will need a pro account. Remember we promote our global domain blogs using leadsleap's sendsteed autoresponder so its better if you can send out emails and to do that only pro will do. (FYI leadsleap gives their pro members periodic downlines which rocks. I highly recommend you promote their new coop as many downlines will come that way as well).

    While thinking about whether or not you really want to join these two money makers don't forget we are covering costs right now in the fb group. This starts with no cost at all for you. Go here for the blogging group: And here for Ellie's Serious Earners:
    She's only taking a few more members. Be sure you want to commit your time to do what she teaches. As you can see this last group is filling up fast so don't hesitate to get your accounts and get approved over in the groups. Its a blessing and I thank God for Ellie Murphy

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  • Are you kidding me? Its not only possible. We prove it. Thanks Ellie. Everyone knows the only way to earn on here is to join a bizopp. At least that's what they say. Have you ever stopped to think about who is starting these so called bizopps? Seriously if you can't see a program owners face do you really think the bizopp is on the up and up that there is a moral person behind it? How many of these bizopps are resold to new owners? Thought about that as a well? I'm here to tell you quite a few times once a bizopp is sold it doesn't survive. That's why i love this new blog post on my fresh new global domains blog. It's duplicatable! And the programs have been online forever for the most part. I hope you will take the time to get ahold of this and duplicate it yourself. Take a turn for the better in your money making adventures. Take a peek::

    Did you know that global domain is ONLY 10.00 a month for hosting and your domain name? Think about that. Most hosting companies will sell you hosting starting at a tiny price like $2.00 only to rise it to $12.99 to $20.00 a month, the very next month. Even worse its in the small print which most people do not read. At Global Domains International it $10.00 period and you lose the yearly cost you usually have with other hosting because you need a separate domain name. Not bad! also you can get more then that back by recruiting just 5 people who also recruit 5 and down the line. This is one of bizopps that has stood the test of time. This is one of the rockinest bizopps around. Global Domains International gives you the opportunity to have free hosting when you work the bizopp too. If you'd like to get started building a site and working this bizopp head on over here:

    P.S. we also give you some neato tips for Hungry over at Ellies site Elite List Building.

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