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  • SFI (Strong Future International) is a network marketing company along with affiliate marketing component built in it. This means you can earn from your downline members (up to 12 generations below you) as well as from your direct referrals (your PSAs or personally sponsored affiliates).

    SFI was launched in 1998 with just one product. Since then it has continued its journey towards becoming more and more stronger and having more products under its belt. Currently, SFI's store tripleclicks has hundreds of products and it also has two divisions on Games and Auctions.

    SFI also has its unique co sponsorship program where any SFI affiliate is assigned up to four co sponsors. Therefore, you not only have a sponsor to guide and help you but also some co sponsors to provide you support. As an SFI affiliate you can also be co sponsor of a number of other SFI affiliates and earn commission from their efforts.

    When you join SFI, you can get professional training that will help you get started. You also get marketing materials and gateways that you can promote.

    SFI is not some here today and gone tomorrow type of program. It has now crossed its 25th year of online existence.

    SFI affiliates operate with the peace of mind by associating with a proven, debt-free organization with a long, successful history. Joining SFI is completly free and there is no money investment that is mandatory. However, to fast track your result consider investing some money into your business.

    How can you earn with SFI?

    When you get more and more team members in your downline, you can earn from their sales and purchases. You can also earn from your referred PRMs (those who are not SFI affiliates but still purchases SFI's products).

    You can also earn through SFI's unique rewardical program. You can earn a lot of rewardical tokens each month by performing various actions as well as taking part in different games, auctions and contests. These rewardicals can be converted into a lot of things, including cash (commissions).

    My number one job as an SFI affiliate is helping the affiliates I sponsor become successful. Therefore, when you join my team, you know you have a committed partner and I really stand to assist you in any way I can.

    If you are self motivated and consisent action taker, if you are willing to stick with a good online biz opportunity for the long term, then SFI is definitely for you. Don't join SFI with a short term mindset. This is a real business and SFI greatly rewards those affiliates who spend time learning about how the SFI system works and who see the big picture of what is possible if they work consistently for the long term.

    Join SFI today :-

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