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  • Aug 13th 2019 at 7:21 AM
    More tiny but powerful improvements!

    Hi gang! My last blog post was about how I always look for details to improve, that can make a big difference for your success in advertising. So I found lots more!

    One of them is the...

    Daily ticket drawing
    When you view ads in surf, you can collect sandwiches for me to eat. Approximately every 80 pages in surf (it varies a little not to interfere with other prize pages) you will find a prize page where you are asked to collect a sandwich.

    For each sandwich you collect by clicking the sandwich, you will have 1 ticket in the daily ticket raffle. There are 11 prizes every day:

    1 prize of 1000 site advertising credits
    10 prizes of 200 site advertising credits.

    Winners from the previous day are awarded with the bonus credits automatically. You can see the winners on the actual prize page in surf, and on the "Raffle winners yesterday" page under the Games tab.

    What did I do?
    I added links to each winners social profile and blog page on the winners page, so that whoever clicks their picture can see a bit more information about them and also their blog posts - if they have written any. But there is lots more.

    I've also added links on the Team surfing pages, Ad spotlight, Bingo winners pages, Top surfer leaderboards, top promoter leaderboard and winners, Bonus bites leaderboard and Food Fight leaderboard.

    So fill in your interests in the left side of your blog page, below your name and picture, and perhaps write a few words to introduce yourself in a blog post. Perhaps also one where you write about what you promote, and why?

    Consider that this page is available to everyone everytime you display an ad in surf, thousands of times each days on the prize page, everytime someone checks a leaderboard you are on or if you won a Bingo game. Not to mention this:

    Everyone, not just Hungry For Hits members, can search for people on the social network. They can search by first name, last name, and interests.

    So there you have it. Do you really need more reasons why you should set up your page and write a few words about yourself and what you promote?

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    Aug 22nd 2019 at 2:29 PM by Frederick Miller
    Love these extra features Klara
    Aug 23rd 2019 at 4:17 AM by Klara Schmidtz
    Thanks Freddie!
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More tiny but powerful improvements!
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