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  • Nov 3rd 2023 at 12:49 AM
    Traffic Generation to Build Your List

    Now that you've set up for list building funnel, the next important part of building a huge email list is traffic generation.

    You see, list building is pretty much a math game. The more people you send to your website or landing page, the more probability someone would opt into your list to get your free gift.

    Now that we've agreed on that, let's have a look at some nifty traffic generation techniques.

    First up we have article submission. This is the bread and butter of drawing traffic. By submitting articles to article directories such as EzineArticles and GoArticles, you can draw a steady stream of readers into your website.

    You can also consider starting a blog to gain readership. Post articles of value related to your niche and at the end of blog posts, link to your landing page, offering them a free gift as a kind gesture for following your blog. If you are good at SEO, you can draw massive organic search traffic to your blog or landing page as well.

    Google advertising is difficult for landing pages, and it won't get approved easily. Here's a better way - use Facebook advertising to get followers to "Like" your fan page. The fan page can serve as a platform for your followers to interact and from there the possibilities are endless. You can either send them to your opt in page or put an opt in box on your fan page if you are web programming savvy.

    Here's another way to draw traffic fast. Post interesting YouTube videos on topics related to your niche. Make it as interesting as possible for it to go viral.

    In the description of your videos, provide a brief description and include a link to your landing page to download a free gift such as an e-book. That way, you can leverage on the power of word of mouth to reach out to a wider target audience.

    The key is, pick one traffic generation technique, get good at it and move on to the next one. That way, in no time you'll be swimming in a sea of subscribers!">

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Traffic Generation to Build Your List
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