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  • Mar 20th 2022 at 10:48 AM
    Dr. Hamster at Rollercoin


    Do you missed playing Tetris? If you are a 90s kid like me, I'm sure you heard or played that game. If you love that game as I am, you will surely enjoy this Dr. Hamster. Well it's not totally the same with tetris that you are given a certain piece and arrange to fill one line. In Dr. Hamster, you will be given with 2 pieces of tile with same or different color and all you have to do is to arrange a 4-piece of tiles with same color (Red, Blue or Green), on either horizontal or vertical.

    How to clear the level in Dr. Hamster

    There are two ways to clear the level.

    First, is to pop the given tiles following the mechanics of the game, arrange a 4-piece single color tiles stick together either horizontal or vertical

    Second, continuously arrange 4-piece single color tiles stick together until you reach the minimum score needed to clear the level.

    As the game started, for low level, you will be given 2 tiles. The easiest and the fastest is the method to clear the level is using the first method but sometimes you will be given a color not the same with initial tiles given to you. So the best way is always arrange your tiles, put together based on their colors so you could always apply the best method best applicable per level of the game.

    Dr. Hamster is my favorite game in Rollercoin. It's not the high paying mining power and not the easiest one but I kinda like it because I love to played Tetris when I was a kid.

    Simple right? Not convince? Watch this Dr. HAMSTER VIDEO

    You should try it now. Click ROLLERCOIN

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