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Central IL, United States
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My interests start first and foremost with studying our Father's Word the Bible.

In this time in world history, His word's are coming alive more than ever, especially as it relates to prophesy of the last generation before the return of our Savior Jesus Christ.

With all the tumult around the world from the manufactured medical crisis, to the saber rattling of the nations of the world, many of whom deny the very existence of God Almighty.

We can rest assured all will be done as prophesied 1000s of years ago by the prophets of God.

My other interests, outside of Family of course, are building and managing websites, including my latest which will focus on how life today relates to the prophesies I just mentioned.

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  • Well, I finally went and did it. I secured the domain I've been working on this new site idea which will not only be a way to share what I've learned concerning the events described in biblical prophecy that are transpiring today in our world all around us.

    But even more than that, enabling others the ability to join the site free and share their personal testimonies all over the internet via their blog and the traffic exchange features incorporated in to the member's area.

    Here is the header image I've been toying around with from time to time the last few weeks or so.

    Sized to fit my facebook profile header:

    Website header at 1200x397

    Website header at 1125x225

    Website header at 1024x250

    Trying to decide which header for the website has the best height. I do take into account the site will be shared on traffic exchanges predominantly so I want content below the header image to show on the smaller viewing window of surf browsers.

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  • I'm going to be using the blog feature on my new site for training so let's see if I can display html code that doesn't convert so members can not only see it, but actually copy & paste etc.

    Here's image code to display in a blog post. Note: all images should be no larger than 400 pixel wide!

    <img src="https://yourwebsiteimageurlhere" width="400">

    Link code example:

    <a href="https://websiteurlhere" target="_blank">

    Websiteurl example:

    target="_blank" makes link open in new tab which is advisable

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  • Feb 13th 2022 at 9:07 AM
    Testing Out My New Site's Logo Font

    Just testing out my new site's logo font that'll be on the members area top bar w/ a few different bgcolors/images. Let's see if it populates here:

    Let's see how different headlines look w/image/colorbg

    Your Member's Area Welcome

    Your Member's Area Welcome

    Your Member's Area Welcome

    Your Member's Area Welcome

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  • Jan 23rd 2020 at 11:38 AM
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Testing Out My New Site's Logo Font
Feb 13th 2022 at 9:07 AM
Autopilot Traffic Coop Credits
Jan 23rd 2020 at 11:38 AM
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