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  • Apr 25th 2021 at 2:57 PM
    Pentecostal Preachings (1)

    The three-fold love of God

    A Pentecostal Preaching
    by Proph. Ev. J. Schmidt

    We know that God Father loves us.The prophet Jeremiah expresses that in Jeremiah 31,3.But also the other two parts of the Holy Trinity are loving us. Jesus says that he loves us in John 15,13 and he says that the fact,that,as the Son of God,he died voluntarily as a man on the cross for us,shows that nobody has greater love for us than he.We see also,in the Bible,that the Holy
    Spirit loves us,because he can endow us with numerous spiritual gifts that are listed in 1.Corinthians 12.When the Holy Spirit is acting as the Arm of God,as in the example of Acts of Apostles 16,25+26,where he frees Paul and Silas from the prison,we realize that his helpful character is a sign of his love.

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Pentecostal Preachings (1)
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