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  • Feb 21st 2023 at 12:08 PM
    Last Post Here

    Hello everyone,

    I named this post as Last Post Here because I have to manage my time and work more effectively and that cannot happen by managing a bunch of blogs on 100+ traffic exchange sites. Plus all the testing I do on sites. :D

    Project ePayTraffic continues to evolve. I am sadden that not many members surf on a regular basis. Could be from the bad publicity from Hungry For Hits traffic delivery report. I love Klara and I respect her opinion. However, advertising an opinion and causing negative influence towards competing traffic exchange sites is not best business practice.

    I surf a lot, and I have considerable experience when colleting data, conducting a structured analysis and modelling. And since I have been buying and selling for many years in the traffic exchange marketplace I have a good understanding of who is who and what is what. But, how does one share this business best practice knowledge?

    Welcome to MQS Approved
    The MQS database provides a service that can be integrated across sites in providing the ultimate customized service in the traffic exchange marketplace. Consider it in a proof of concept mode at the moment. Not easy to come out with something different in the TE world. I am reminded of a quote from a Bill Gates interview I watched many years ago. He was addressing negative energy from all the blue screen of death occurrences. He said, "You don't have to be the best out there but you do have to be out there."

    So now you know I am still alive. My project site ePayTraffic is not the worst site. Too many people being fooled in this crazy traffic exchange world.

    Going forward, I ask that you follow my google site where I continue to expand on my Google Workspace organization. Income Professional Club is for anyone interested in generating reliable streams of income from all aspects of using a traffic exchange site.

    Please visit

    for the latest news and updates.

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