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Oaxaca, Mexico
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Affiliate (referral) marketing and list building. Keeping all things FUN-damental and of course... TEs, Mailers, and a little bit of Social media too...
Life is good, enjoy it! ~Steve
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  • C0ME SEE F0R Y0URSELF (with no strings attached!..)...

    --- for the most part... #TeamBlog is updated and revised to include Wealth Step By Step, recent #Team news, edits within our "7 Steps 2 Start", etc...

    --- the #Exception being Step 7 (TRAINING) which will take
    some time... and fill-in "little-by-little"... BECAUSE "i" want
    it to absolutely Kick-Ass!! & clarify E V E R Y T H I N G

    --- The all-new* nov22rock2x #Funnel includes our new 2x* page design (with instructions) and is now the "Your 1st" #RockFunnel featured on our #TeamBlog.

    --- The new #Minimum* weekly "Hits" required to have links 0N in #TeamSpirit rotator(s) is now 0NLY 1oo hits/weekly.

    --- To qualify for weekly dice-roll #Prizes is now 0NLY 5oo+
    "hits"... and the AIOP/PIF "Give it away & GET PAID" prize
    has been re-included.

    --- Susan & "i" have agreed to support a monthly πŸ’²2o CASH #GRANDPRIZE WINNER based on 5oo+ hits (4* weeks)... also based (in part) on doing things "the Rockstar! way..."

    --- and we are also in the process of fine-tuning a RANDOM "weekly" #Prize which is a #Thursday Rockstar! shout-out selected EACH WEEK. This #BONUS #PRIZE recognizes our most "active" (progressing the most, etc...) members each week... FEATURING an "about the member..." write-up to #Help introduce them to #Community (gain trust, respect)... and allowing the #Winner to include ANY 3* links of their choice... including ANY make money offers/opportunities.

    These are all a DAMN GπŸ‘€D START to 2o23‼️

    To continue closing-out 2o22...
    --- I have some ideas to re-release a few "Classic Rock" funnels that will include our new* AIOP/WSBS 2x! follow-up series.

    --- and to publish (or include) another new* funnel pg. design.

    --- and maybe? publish an all-new* Christmas/Holidays funnel.

    Probably... ALL 0F THE AB0VE πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
    Our #Mission is to be #1 with a bullet!..

    More Info available @

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πŸ”₯πŸš€ the Rockstar! way...
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