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Account stats

On the Account stats page under the Account menu (but also under Home - Statistics), you can see all kinds of detailed stats about your account. On top of the page there is a little summary about your personal details, and also information about who your upline is. If you ever want to change any of your personal details, you can do it on the Account settings page under the Account menu.

You can also find details about your account, such as your member level, when your upgrade expires (if you are an upgraded member), your surf timer, surf ratio, how many referrals you have, your commissions and piggy bank balances, and how many bingo tokens you have.

There's also a summary of how much unassigned advertising credits and impressions for all ad types you have, as well as current advertising and your surfing stats - both recently and since you joined Hungry For Hits. You can also see how many hits you've had to your referral links from the Promo tools page under the Promote menu.

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