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Bingo game

Hungry For Hits has a number game, similar to what is called Bingo in real life. To play Bingo, go to the Bingo page under the Games menu. You can also reach it from the top surfbar, it's the icon to the far right. When you go to the Bingo page, you will see a list of upcoming and recently finished games, and possibly also a currently active game. You can buy Bingo cards for any upcoming game, but also for the currently active game that has already started. If you buy a card for a game that has started already, all the numbers that have been drawn already will be filled in on your card, so it will still be fair.

To buy a Bingo card, click on "Buy cards" on any of the upcoming games, or "View game/Buy cards" on the currently active game. A Bingo card costs 25 credits, or 1 Bingo token. To buy a card, click the button that says "Buy card with 25 credits", and if you have any Bingo tokens in your account, there will be a button with an option to use those too. You may get Bingo tokens from purchases, surfer rewards, gifts or prizes.

Bingo numbers will be drawn automatically approximately every 3 minutes once the game has started. All the numbers that are drawn will be filled in automatically on your card. You win when you have a full line filled in on your Bingo card. It can be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, and you do not have to be logged in or surfing to win.

All games will be played in order, so if you buy cards for a later game, it will take a little while before it starts. A new game start automatically when there are at least 10 Bingo cards sold for that game. Buying a card is the only thing you have to do to play Bingo, everything else is automatic. The prize will be automatically added to your account and you will get an email notification. The entire game is automatic, and more than one player can win in the same game.

Look out speecifically for games marked with a star, as those are Jackpot games with a little bit higher prizes. All jackpot prizes are shared between winners, if there happens to be more than one player winning the game. We also have a special Bingo night event on Fridays, where 3 lucky winners will be drawn out of everyone who buys a Bingo card that day.

If you are surfing when you have a Bingo card for a currently active game, you will see the card as a miniature in the top surfbar. If you don't have any Bingo cards and a game is playing, you will still be able to see the Bingo numbers on a ball in the top surfbar. You can click the ball to go to the Bingo page in a new window and buy cards.

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