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Surfer rewards

You can claim Surfer rewards every day you surf in Hungry For Hits, if you have surfed at least 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 or 2000 pages in the same day. You can only claim one prize each day, and you can only get one of these prizes. For example, if you surf 100 pages and claim a prize, then come back and surf 500 pages, you will not be able to chose another prize. So claim your reward when you are done surfing, or when you've reached the reward level you are satisfied with.

These rewards can not be added to your account later if you have forgotten to claim it one day, so you must actively claim it yourself after surfing to get it. Go to the Surfer rewards page under the Rewards menu, and select which prize you want to pick in the dropdown menu. Click claim, and it will be automatically and instantly added to your account. This gives you quite a few extra bonus credits, so make it a habit to go claim the reward daily.

The surfer reward claim option resets pretty much immediately when the site resets at midnight, New York/USA. So even if your surfing stats haven't reset immediately after the site reset, you can't claim the surfer reward if it's later than 11.59pm. If you do, it will count for the current day and you will will miss a day. There is a reminder to go claim the reward shown in the top surfbar the last half hour before the site resets. Once the reminder is gone, it is too late for that day.

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