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Promo codes

There are promo codes with a little prize every day in the member area of Hungry For Hits. They can reward you with things like credits or other advertising, cash, Happy Hour or work as tickets in a draw. The codes usually change when the site resets (at midnight EST, New York, USA). However, at times it may be a little after reset. If you enter a code and it says "Invalid or expired code", it has not yet been changed. Just check back a little later to enter the new code.

When you have a code, enter it on the Promo Codes page under the Rewards menu. Once you have added it, it will say how many pages you need to surf to receive the prize of for the reward to become active. If the prize is a Happy Hour, it will start immediately once the code is completed. So be ready to surf, or only add the code when you are, as Happy Hour can't be paused or stopped.

You can enter the code even after you have surfed the amount of pages asked for. Then you are only required to surf one or two more pages, and you will get the prize. There will be a message in surf when your prize has been added to your account, and it is added automatically.

We sometimes also send out promo codes in our weekly stats and news email on Mondays. You will get them if you subscribe to our newsletters, which you can toggle on/off on the Account Settings page under the Account menu.

If you find a promo code as a secret ad prize and copy it directly from the prize page, you must remove the spaces in it for it to work.

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