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Word hunt

When you are surfing, viewing ads to earn credits, you will randomly find a prize page where you can claim a letter to complete words and win credits. Each time you claim a letter, it will be added to the word in the bottom surfbar. When all the letters are filled you will have a credit prize automatically added to your account.

If you find a word in the Word Hunt game which doesn't seem to be a real word, you can enter it on the Promo Codes page for a special prize! When you find one of these codes, you must remove the spaces in it before you add it as a promo code (if you copy it directly from the prize page). This code changes weekly on Mondays, usually between 2 and 4 am server time.

Each time you claim a letter you will also find a food icon for the Food icon collection game. There are 10 icons in each category, and there are 15 categories.

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