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Daily raffle

When you are surfing to earn credits, sometimes you will come across prize pages. One of them is a daily raffle, and it comes up approximately every 80 pages in surf. You will be asked to collect a sandwich for the admin. For each sandwich you collect by clicking the claim button, you will have 1 ticket in the daily raffle. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win.

The more raffle tickets you have, the bigger is your chance of winning. However, you can only win one of the prizes each day. There are 11 prizes every day:

-1 prize of 1000 website credits
-10 prizes of 200 website credits

Winners from the previous day are awarded with the bonus credits automatically, so you won't have to claim them anywhere to get your prize. You can see the winners on the Raffle winners yesterday page under the Rewards menu.

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