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Bonus bites

At any time, there may be flying food over the screen while you are surfing for credits, and these are called Bonus Bites. If you see anything edible sailing across the screen and click it, you will earn a small instant prize that will automatically be added to your account. Of course it is optional to play, so you can just ignore it.

Every time the Bonus Bites appear, you will also see a game info box. It appears in the bottom right corner of the surf window. It displays the number if Bonus Bites you have caught out of the total amount of Bonus Bites released during your current surf session. For example, if you caught 5 out of 10 total, then it will say 5/10. Should you refresh your surfing session, the count will restart.

The point of this game is to reward people who pay attention in surf, who watch the ads and who don't tab surf. The game makes some people stay on the page longer than they have to, as some Bonus Bites aren't released for 5-10-15-20 seconds, and it makes them focus on what's actually in the surf window rather than the surf icons or the timer.

It may just look like a silly game, but it is designed to be a really good tool to increase people's attention. There is nothing blocking the ads in surf, the game info box is placed on the bottom part of the chat box for a few seconds. All that might come from this game is that people view your ads longer and with more focus!

It may happen that a Bonus Bite will disappear right after appearing on the screen. The Bonus Bites are set to appear each at a certain %, so they show up randomly. If however two kinds of Bonus Bites are released at the same time, this may happen but it doesn't mean anything is not working.

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