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You may get discounts, special prizes, gifts or other surprises with a coupon. When you recieve a coupon, you always get an email telling you what you have gotten, and how long you have to claim the coupon. You can also always see your coupons in Hungry For Hits, on the Coupons page under the Rewards menu.

Coupons comes either with purchases, or directly from admin as a gift or bonus, or they will come as a prize or other rewards. They are just the same as regular in life coupons. They may give you a better deal on something, they may give you a 2 for 1 deal on something, or they may even give you something for free. It is basically digital coupons that only work in Hungry for Hits.

Coupons have an expiry date. It always says in the email your recieve when you get a coupon how long it lasts, and you can also always see it on the Coupons page. You may also get an email reminder, if the original coupon had a long expiry date and you haven't claimed it when it's getting close to expiring.

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