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Lost password

If you get directed back to the login page instead of the member area after you fill in your login details and click Log in, and there isn't any other error message, you are entering an incorrect password or username. You can also see if this is the case in the website URL. If the URL ends with "invlogin" after you've been directed to the login page directly when you enter your login details, the username and password combination is incorrect.

Passwords are case sensitive, and there can't be any spaces in, before or after them. The fastest and simplest way for you to fix this log in problem is to click the Resend login details link on the log in page. You will get an email immediately with your username and a new password.

Once you have used it to log in, you can either keep that password or change it on the Account Settings page under the Account menu. Do not use the same password as the one you had before. The email is sent to the email address you used when you registered at Hungry For Hits. You should never use the same password as in any other site. We recommend LastPass password manager so that you don't have to remember each one separately. If the email doesn't appear in your inbox, simply check the junk or spam folder and/or Whitelist in your email account to prevent these types of emails from going to your junk or spam folder again.

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