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The Food Game is a fun game you can play while surfing your favorite traffic exchanges, and the Food Game is much more than a game. For example there is a central marketplace where traffic exchanges can sell upgrades, credits and piggy bank funds - the Partner Shop. Members can purchase these items with Gold, which you collect when you click the Food Game prize icon.

The Food Game icon will appear automatically in the top surfbar when the game comes up, once every 25 pages surfed. It doesn't take up any advertising space in surf. Free member players have 2 minutes to click it to claim to prize, and upgraded members have 15 minutes to claim it. The game icon looks like this:

To claim a prize, you need to have filled in your referral ID number from the traffic exchange where you are surfing in the Participating Sites list in the Food Game. This is how we connect your accounts and make sure everything is automated.

The actual game consists of several weekly contests with a total of $46 in prizes weekly, plus a few hundred dollars worth of Gold. One of the contests is to cook wonderful dishes with ingredients you have collected in the participating traffic exchanges. The game is simple to play, but there are many features, side quests and other benefits that come with the Food Game.

If you just joined the Food Game or want to learn more, there is a quick and easy tutorial where you will learn your first recipe. Recipes are learned by using a Cooking Class Ticket. There are around 150 recipes in 12 cookbooks from different countries. Recipes can be common, rare and super rare. Each recipe can also be leveled up, by learning the same recipe in a cooking class more than once. To cook a dish, you need to have learned a recipe and collected the ingredients for that recipe.

There is a total of 84 different ingredients, each with a rarity from level 1 (most common) to 10 (very rare). The ingredients also come from prize pages in the participating traffic exchanges. To cook a dish, you also need a Cooking Voucher. All items can be found in the prize pages in the participating traffic exchanges, along with Gold.

Once you have cooked a recipe, you will earn points. There are 5 chef judges with different characteristics that will grade each cooked dish and give it points. Each judge has a favorite and a most hated ingredient, as well as a preferred and a disliked cookbook. They can also be grumpy or extra generous with points on specific days. Sometimes you can get really lucky and cook up a real Masterpiece, which makes it possible to score very high even for new players.

The weekly prizes in the Food Game will be given out for several different things at the end of the week, such as most dishes cooked, most ingredients collected, most side quests completed or highest point from a specific dish or from a specific cookbook. There are also random prizes each week so that everyone has a chance to win.

You also gain experience by cooking dishes and collecting prizes. Experience points are used to level up to become a better chef and earn more points from each recipe. You can also use the Gold they collect to upgrade their kitchen in order to cook better dishes that gives more points. When you reach different accomplishments and levels, you will earn achievement badges which also will help you earn more points with each dish you cook.

There is also an ingredient marketplace, where you can trade the ingredients you collect for Gold and use it in the Partner Shop or use it to upgrade the kitchen. The Food Game is built to create extra value for surfers. By being able to collect Gold with no extra effort and use it to upgrade in traffic exchanges, even if you're not interested in the cooking part or the daily game quests, can be very rewarding. You can sign up to the Food Game below and start collecting prizes almost immediately:

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