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Viral Traffic Games

The Viral Traffic Games (VTG) is a game you can play while surfing your favorite traffic exchanges. The VTG icon will appear automatically in the top surfbar when the game comes up, which is every 30-35 pages in Hungry For Hits. The game doesn't take up any advertising space in surf. The game icon looks like this:

When you click the game icon, a pop up window opens. It displays a little dark room and a little character. The point is to click one of the squares next to the character to move it. When you do, you win a prize in Hungry For Hits. If you are logged into the Viral Traffic Games when you click the game icon, a much larger map will appear and you will see some items to collect on the ground. You can also chase other players and knock them over.

The Viral Traffic Games host can also be found on mailers. There are different tournaments weekly with prizes up to $3, as well as single day quests which can be booked by traffic exchanges. Hungry For Hits does not book these extra tournament style contests. You can sign up to the Viral Traffic Games below and start collecting prizes almost immediately:

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