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Viral Traffic Games errors

If the Viral Traffic Games icon does not appear every 30-35 pages, it is because there are limits within VTG that makes the game icon not appear if you played it less than 2 minutes ago in the same traffic exchange.

If you can't see the game page when you click the game icon, or if there is an error message VTG, their server is sending an incorrect message. Something is temporarily wrong with the server or some action went wrong. You can try to refresh the page a little later, but in general the game is slow loading.

Typically what happens when the game page opens normally and you move your character, but get an error message instead of the prize message, is that there was a double click when moving your character. This can be accidental or not, but it's very easy to do when the server is quite slow. The prize is given anyway. It could also be that the connection timed out because it was slow. If the page did not load at all and you never got to even move your character, the website was temporarily too slow to open.

If the entire VTG website is giving errors (or just the game page, which is also on their website), unfortunately it is not something any traffic exchange owner can do anything about since it is a website entirely separate from the traffic exchange.

The error page says to contact the admin (of the Viral Traffic Games) if you keep having the same error every time it opens so that you can't even move your character. Let them know if you are having an issue, or let us know if you can't even access the website and we will forward the message.

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