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Move commissions to Piggy Bank

You can always move your commissions to your Piggy Bank balance if you need to purchase something but don't have enough in any of the balances. The difference between the two is that commissions can be paid out, while the Piggy Bank balance is only for on site purchases. You can move commissions to your Piggy Bank, but not the other way around.

If you want to move commissions to the Piggy Bank, you will get a 20% bonus when you transfer. For example, if you transfer $1 from your commissions, you will get $1.20 in your Piggy Bank. The minimum transfer amount is $0.10. To do this, first go to the Piggy Bank page under the Account menu. On the top row of deposit options there is an option called "Transfer your commissions".

Click the link in that section, where it says Click here to select amount and transfer. select the amount you want to transfer and then click "Confirm". The transfer takes effect immediately.

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