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Piggy Bank subscriptions

When you purchase an upgrade with Piggy Bank funds, it will automatically start a subscription. You can see and manage your subscription on the Piggy Bank page under the Account menu. Any active subscription through the Piggy Bank will only extend if you have enough funds in your Piggy Bank on the day of the subscription renewal. If you don't have enough, the subscription will automatically cancel.

However, you can cancel it immediately after purchasing a subscription if you have enough in your Piggy Bank but don't want to renew it. There are also single month upgrades sold without a subscription on the Candy Shop page under Advertising - Buy Advertising.

A Piggy Bank subscription will renew a couple of days before your actual upgrade ends. This is to ensure that no time is lost. If you already have an upgrade and buy another month to extend it before your previous one runs out, the time will be added on top of the time you have left of your existing upgrade. Just make sure that you haven't got several subscriptions running at the same time, or for different types of upgrades.

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