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Most websites are automatically approved when you add them as a new site. However, if it fails the automatic check it will go into "Pending approval" mode and it needs to be approved manually by the admin. This is done several times every day, so there is never any need to contact support about it. You can start earning credits (and assigning them as well) before your site has been approved.

The script also runs through the sites now and then to check them for anything that could be a problem. At times it will pick up on something (scripts, loops, redirects etc) and put the site in "Pending approval" mode. We will re-enable it if nothing is wrong with the site. You might get an email saying there was a problem with your site, to inform you that this has happened.

If you edit the URL of site that you have already added to your Websites, it will automatically go into "Pending approval" mode. Click the yellow button that says "Click to activate" to run your site through the automatic approval site tester (or wait until we check and approve it).

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