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If you are surfing in Hungry For Hits, viewing ads to earn credits, and you come across a site which for some reason you think is inappropriate, please click "Report" in the top surfbar. When you click "Report" a new window will open where you can select if it's the site you are currently on, or a site shown recently. Please enter a short description of why you reported it, for example "Pop up", and then click the "Send Report" button. This will give the admin direct access to your surf log and what sites you have been viewing before you reported it, so that the site can be removed from rotation.

If you were redirected away from Hungry For Hits, if an ad broke out of the surf window, or if you were logged off, you can open Hungry For Hits again, start surfing and report the website after you've surfed a couple of pages and passed the Startpage. Select that you report a site shown recently, and enter a short description. Nothing will automatically happen to the site you report, so it doesn't matter if the site you are currently on is fine. Reporting a site will only give the admin access to see which sites you just saw, and take action based on that.

Please note that if you had a framebreaker that redirected you away from surfing in Hungry For Hits, just sending us the URL you landed on in a private message or support email won't help us find the bad site. Typically, redirects and framebreakers come from scripts on a website that has another URL than the one you might land on. So please always use the "Report" link when you come across a bad site.

Thank you for keeping surf clean and reporting bad sites!

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