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URL Rules

Before submitting a URL to Hungry For Hits, make sure your URL does not violate any of these rules. If the site you promote violates any of them, your site will be deleted. If the domain of a site you promote has expired, the site will be deleted. Rotators may be promoted only if all sites or banners in rotation comply with these terms.

Social media sites: Direct links from social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Webtalk and others do not display in surf frames, so you can't advertise their direct links. The same goes for Google documents or Amazon links. They are banned so that people don't try to add it and assign credits to a site that doesn't show. You can still advertise the sites, but you have to make your own ad for it. You can use the Page Creator, the blog or any type of splashpage maker to make your ad.

All sites submitted are checked. Hungry For Hits has the full right to delete any site that is inappropriate, questionable or gets a lot of complaints from other members. If a site is deleted for any of the above reasons, any credits you may have assigned to it will be returned to your account. If you have more sites than your member level allows you to have, the excess sites will be deleted if you don't do it and chose which to keep yourself. Sites in all languages are accepted.

If you are advertising a coop site and it is paused, it is because there is a bad site in the coop. Your ad will be activated again when the site causing the problem is gone from the coop.

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