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Add a text ad

Text ads are displayed in surf, in the top surfbar on the right side of the screen, and on various pages in the member area in Hungry For Hits. In this article, we will explain how you add text ads that your want to advertise in Hungry For Hits, and how to assign text ad impressions (text ad views) to them. Free members can add 5 text ads, Silver members can add 25 text ads, Gold members can add 50 text ads and Super advertisers have unlimited advertising to 25 text ads. To add a text ad, follow these simple steps:

1. Click the Text ads page under Advertising - My Ads.
2. In the "Text" field, write what other surfers will see. It's a good idea to write something catchy or fun.
3. In the "Target URL" field, fill in where you want visitors to go when they click your text ad, most likely a referral link.
4. Click "Add".

To have your text ad display, you must assign text ad impressions to it. Add the number of text ad impressions you want to give your text ad in the "Add impressions" column, and click "Assign". You can see how many text ad impressions you have at the top of the page and by the Assign button.

We also have an automatic assign feature for text ads that takes a number of unassigned text ad impressions every hour and assign them to your text ad. To set up automatic assign, click the "Per hour" link in the "Auto assign" field next to your text ad and select how many impressions you want to assign to your text ad each hour.

You can also convert website credits gathered in surf to text ad impressions. There is a link on the top of the page to do so, by your impression balance, that says Click here to convert credits to text ad impressions. You will get 10 text ad impressions per 1 credit. It's not possible to convert text ad impressions back to website credits. You can also use the "Quick assign" feature on top of the page to distribute a certain amount of text ad impressions equally to all your active text ads.

Text ad advertising is a "cheaper" way to advertise in surf. You can earn text ad impressions as prizes while viewing ads, surfing, and in daily promo codes.

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