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Reserve pageviews

You can Reserve Pageviews in surf that will display your website throughout the day. You can select to reserve the first, second or third page after the Startpage, or a page that will be displayed every 29 pageviews for every surfer that day. No credits will be deducted from your account when your reserved page is being displayed.

To book a slot, go to the Reserve Pageviews page under Advertising - Buy Advertising. There are calendars below each of the pageview options. Click the date you want to reserve on the calendar. Once you have purchased a day, select which of your websites you want to display.

You can only select a website from URLs that you have already added to your Websites, since they have already passed the site checker to test that it displays. So if you haven't added a website, do it before booking the Reserved pageviews. The price to book them may vary depending on the popularity, but you can always buy them both with cash and credits.

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