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The startpage is the first site all members see every time they start a surf session to view ads, for an entire day. No credits are used up for this. You can reserve it for your own site by going to the Startpages page under Advertising - Buy Advertising. You will see a calendar, displaying this month and the following 3 months. Dates in red are already reserved, and dates in green are available for purchase. To buy a single startpage, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Startpages page under Advertising - Buy Advertising.
2. Click the available date you wish to purchase.
3. You will see the payment options and buttons to pay. Complete your purchase.
4. After purchasing a startpage, you must enter the URL you want to advertise. Go back to the Startpages page and click where it says Click here to enter your URL and check stats after purchasing a Startpage. It will take you to the page where you can enter your URL. After your scheduled day has passed, that is also where you can check stats for your startpage.

You can also buy the startpage for 1 week in one go. There is a buy button for 1 week of startpages at the bottom of the Buy Credits page under Advertising - Buy Advertising. Once you have completed the purchase, contact support and include your username, the URL or URLS you want to advertise as startpages, and on which days you would like to advertise them.

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