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Save links

We have added a button in the top surfbar that lets you save a website link that you see in surf. This is useful if you want to have a closer look at a site you see in surf but you're busy at the moment, or just save it for later. You will both get the link of the website sent to you in an email, but you can also see your saved links in Hungry For Hits. Go to the Saved Links page, which you can reach from the Advertising menu of from the grey menubar in surf, to see and manage your saved links.

Get an email reminder
This button is visible on all websites that aren't booked as startpages, reserved pageviews, games or prize pages. When you click it, you will get an email sent to you immediately with a link to the site you're currently seeing in surf. You will also have access to the link on the Saved Links page.

Email reminder sent
If the button says "Link saved!", you have gotten this link emailed to you previously. You can see it, along with all other links you have saved on the Saved Links page.

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