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Put a Widget on your website

If you own a website, you can place a Widget on it. On the Site Owners page under the Widget menu, you can create a Widget and add it to your own website to earn Widget ad impressions. The code uses javascript. You can choose the layout and color scheme for each widget, so that they will match your site. The Widget also has your referral ID attached to it.

The website where you add a Widget must have another purpose than generating views, so it can be for example on homepages, login pages and blogs. You can't add a widget to your blog provided by Hungry For Hits. It must be a site where you can add and modify the sidebars, plugins and design as you wish. That also means you can't place it on a splashpage and advertise it like you usually would in a traffic exchange. Please ensure that any Widgets you place online follow the guidelines below. Any attempt of cheating to earn more impressions will lead to account suspension.

You may only place the widget on a website you own, manage or are in control of.
The website you place the widget on must serve a purpose other than generating views and advertising. For example they might visit the site to read content, or to log in.
The widget must be in a visible location on your website, when someone visits the website in a normal way.

You can't place the widget on a page that's only purpose is to generate widget views or generate traffic.
Visitors must not have to scroll down all the way to the bottom of your site to see your widget.
The page that you place your widget on must not be rotated in any kind of autosurf or automated traffic generating program.

To create a Widget for your own website, give it a name, select the layout you want and which color frame you want, then click the Add button.

Once you have created your Widget, you will get a code for it. When you place that code on your website, it will display a Widget with 3 different Widget ads inside.

Each time someone visits your website where the Widget is located, you will earn Widget ad impressions. Free Hungry For Hits members earn 2 impressions per visit to the Widget and all upgraded member levels earn 3 impressions per visit. Use the Widget ad impressions you earn to advertise your own Widget ads, which will display in all Widgets from all site owners, all over the internet.

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