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Add a Widget ad

To add your own Widget ad, go to the Widget Ads page under the Widgets menu. You can either convert your credits into Widget ad impressions to advertise your Widget ad, but you can also earn impressions directly by adding a Widget to your own website. This advertising option is off site and does not come with unlimited advertising for Super Advertisers.

In the "Ad title" field, add the title of the ad. Max length for the title is 30 characters. In the "Ad text" field, add a short description, max length is 100 characters. Viewers will see both the ad title and the ad text. In the "Link" field, add the website link where you want people to go when they click your ad.

To have your widget ad display, you must assign widget ad impressions to it. Add the number of widget ad impressions you want to give your widget ad in the "Assign" column and click "Assign", marked with a blue square in the image below. You can see how many widget ad impressions you have at the top of the page and by the Assign button.

You can also convert website credits gathered in surf to widget ad impressions. There is a link on the top of the page to do so, by your impression balance, that says Click here to convert credits to Widget ad impressions. You will get 5 widget ad impressions per 1 credit. It's not possible to convert widget ad impressions back to website credits. You can also use the "Quick assign" feature on top of the page to distribute a certain amount of widget ad impressions equally to all your active widget ads.

Site owners who place a Widget on their website can select if it should be displayed either horizontally or vertically. The frames come in several different colors, and it is up to the site owner to select these things. There are 3 ads in each Widget. Below is an examle of a Widget with 3 widget ads inside looks, but it is just an image not a live Widget.

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