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When you surf to earn credits, you will see the name, username and Profile picture of the person advertising the website that displays in surf. When your website displays for other people, your information will display along with your site. When someone clicks your name or username, they will be taken to your Social network and blog page.

You can also add a link of your choice, so that if someone clicks your profile picture they will be taken to your website. It is also possible to add little icons with links to your social media pages: Facebook, X, Skype, Instagram and YouTube. They will be shown right below to your name and username. You can select which ones you want to add, so you don't have to display them all.

To add your website link and social media link, go to the Surfbar Social Links page under the Account menu. There are six fields, five of them for the social media icons and one for your website. If you add your social media user ID in any of the fields, links to those pages will appear in the surfbar when your ad appears in surf.

For a Facebook icon, only add the part from your Facebook page or profile marked in red:

For an X icon, only add the part from your X page marked in red:

For a Skype icon, only add your username, also known as Skype name. You can find it here:

For an Instagram icon, only add the part from your Instagram page marked in red:

For a YouTube icon, only add the alphanumerical code for your channel, not a name. It comes in a format like UCEza-VLxD2JFpn9jZ0SBD9A and you can find it here:

After having filled in one or more of the fields, click the Update button below at the end of the page, and you will immediately start displaying these icons when your website appears in surf.

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