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Super Advertiser instructions

The Super Advertiser upgrade is a special sort of upgrade, and there are only limited slots. There is no surfing required, but you have unlimited advertising to up to 25 sites, banners and text ads, and 10 mini branders. Super Advertisers just need to assign 1 credit or impression to each ad, and it will be in rotation without using up any credits or impressions. You can still surf and collect credits and other bonuses while being a Super Advertiser. The upgrade specifics, such as monthly bonuses, surf ratio, timer and commissions is the same as for a Gold member.

If you have upgraded to Super Advertiser and find that your ads are paused, don't worry. We have been doing some testing and updating to the Super Advertiser ad rotation. You are still getting traffic, it's just that at times they appear paused in between when they're shown in surf. If your ads appear paused, please don't enable them, they are still active. However, if you pause them yourself, you have to activate them yourself as well.

If you are a Gold member and you have added more than 25 of each ad type when you upgrade to Super Advertiser, you must delete your extra ads before assigning 1 credit/impression to each ad. If you don't, admin will delete them without knowing which of them you want to keep or not. Credits that come with the monthly upgrade are added the first time of each new month you log in as an upgraded member.

Please note that if you have a Lifetime Silver or Gold upgrade and you buy a Super Advertiser upgrade, you would automatically return to being a free member after the Super Advertiser upgrade expires. If you do this, be sure to contact support once the upgrade is over for us to manually change you back to Silver or Gold member, as the script can't handle this automatically.

Widget ad impressions are not included in the Super Advertiser upgrade, since it is an off site advertising option. Items that can be purchased with credits aren't included in this upgrade.

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