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Suspended account

If you are a new member, you're surfing and suddenly notice your account is suspended, it is most likely due to a too high number of incorrect clicks on the surf icons. Contact support to resolve this. Once you get back to surf, please check so that the icon you click is the right one. You may need to clear your cache if you are certain you are clicking the correct icon but still get an incorrect click message.

If you've been a member for some time already, its most likely not due to incorrect clicks. An account may get suspended from Hungry For Hits if you break the Terms of Service. This may include reasons like these:

-Using software to surf.
-Using more than one browser window to surf, or use software or scripts to get a shorter timer.
-Not paying attention in surf and missing verification pages to prove you are human.
-Having less than 75% correct click will automatically suspend your account. Members who do this frequently and/or have surfed a lot will eventually suspended if this happens repeatedly.
-Finding vulnerabilities to gain access of something you are not entitled to.
-Cheating in contests and games.
-Allowing more than 1 person to use your account.
-Opening multiple accounts.
-Promoting ads against the Terms, such as adult material.
-Re-selling advertising from Hungry For Hits.
-Filing chargebacks although there are no refunds.
-Harassing other members.

If more than one person in the same household, using the same IP address, have different accounts in Hungry For Hits, be sure to let us know to avoid suspension of one of them.

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