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Members can leave testimonials about Hungry For Hits, to show others what they think about the site. Do you wish to leave a testimonial and let people know what you think about Hungry For Hits? If so, just click the Leave a Testimonial page under the Home menu and enter your testimony. There should be no links, scripts or HTML in your testimonial.

It will be publicly displayed on splashpage ID 14 which is advertised by members, and also on the User reviews page in the footer of the main site (both for members and people who haven't joined). It will help build your brand. The testimony may be edited if it is too long, so keep it to a few short sentences. If you want to remove or edit your testimony, just contact support with your changes.

Your testimonial will link to your Hungry For Hits blog and to your Profile page with basic information about your name and country. You can customize your profile however you like, and add links to your social media pages.

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