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Account boosts

If you just want to surf a lot during a shorter period of time, we have 1, 3 and 7 day account boosts which you can find on the Short Account Boosts page under Account - Upgrade. They will change your surf timer when you view ads and how many credits you will earn per click. These short upgrades are only available to free members and will automatically end at reset after the last day of your upgrade. 1 day means until reset that same night, and not until 24 hours after you bought it.

The short upgrades do not include extra prizes, higher commissions, bonus credits or the ability to add extra ads as the monthly upgrades do. That is why only free members can buy them. Any monthly upgrade is better than the short boosts. There are 2 Short Account Boost levels:

Gold boost: 1 Credits per click, 4 Second timer, 30% VTG bonus
Silver boost: 0.7 Credits per click, 6 Second timer, 20% VTG bonus

You can buy the Short account boosts with your Piggy Bank balace. If you want to use your commissions, first transfer your commissions to Piggy Bank funds on the Piggy Bank page and select the "Transfer your Commissions" option. You get a 20% bonus when you do. You can also buy Piggy Bank funds in Hungry For Hits from the Partner Shop in the Food Game, using Gold.

If you already have the surf window open when you buy an upgrade or a short account boost, you have to refresh your surf window or go back to home page and restart surf for the timer to change. No subscription will be created. The boosts will automatically end at reset or a few hours later, after the last day of your upgrade. If you wish to purchase any of these Account Boosts for someone other than yourself, send a support ticket and we'll fix it.

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