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  • When a visitor comes to the site he is allowed to register as a free member. All members start in this way.

    On registration the new member has $1.50 in SAWWP Tokens placed in his account as a registration bonus.
    At this point the FREE Member will be offered the chance to upgrade to any of the 5 paid levels, which are shown as Pool Memberships; covered later in this document.
    He as allocated 1 SAWWP token each day he logs in and so on registration he will be automatically logged in to his account and will have 1 SAWWP Token showing as “Pending” in his wallet.

    Free members may not withdraw SAWWP Tokens, but may use them to purchase upgrades and or services on offer within the site.

    As a free member he is instantly allocated a randomly selected 5% of the free member database as a group he can message. So, if there are 1,000 free members, at the time he registers, he will receive a randomly selected “Bonus” group of 50 people – all free members.

    Messages are allowed 3 times a month to each group – once from 1st to 8th, once from 9th to 16th and once from 17th to 24th. No messages can be sent by members from 24th to the end of the month.

    So, depending on the date the new member registers he will be able to send 0 to 3 messages. 0 if he registers on or after 25th of the month, 1 if registration is between17th and 24th, 2 if registration is between 9th and 16th and all 3 if registration is on or before the 8th.
    However, to be eligible to send messages he must have read messages in his inbox.

    To send 1 message 60% of incoming mail must be opened for 10 seconds, to send 2 messages 80% of incoming mail must be opened for 10 seconds and to send 3 messages 100% of incoming mail must be opened for 10 seconds.

    The value of the SAWWP Tokens allocated to any member at any level for any reason is subject to qualification. Therefore, allocations are held as pending until on or after the 25th of the month and at that time released based on the level of qualification in that month.

    To Learn More Click The Button below, Watch The Video And Download And Read The PDF.

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  • May 20th 2019 at 6:17 AM
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    Number five, when one of our members shares one with him
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    Number six, we have a YouTube Channel where we SHARE,
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    There’s more, MUCH MORE, and that’s just a FACT!

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    By the way, we are planning the launch of WTIA 3.0
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    We are calling our group The Proverbs 6:10 T.E.E.M.,
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