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  • Hi everyone!

    Today we added a new feature in the Food Game! It's called Appetizers, and it's a custom cross promo, or in house promo, for traffic exchanges.

    Any owner can book it on any day, with or without partner sites, and the prizes are awarded in Food Game Gold. You can use Gold either in the game, or in the Partner shop that sells upgrades, piggy bank funds and credits in the participating sites.

    The prize is in a prize pot. For each 1 Food Game prize claim you make in each of the participating sites in a promo, you will earn 1 share of the prize pot. There is no limit to how many shares you can get. The more shares, the bigger the prize.

    So it's a guaranteed Gold prize for all participants and a super simple way for owners to increase activity in their sites by creating entirely custom cross or in house promos.

    We hope you like it!

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  • Dec 7th 2021 at 6:42 AM
    Thug Slug or Snails Angels?

    I've been in quarantine for a little over a week since my partner tested positive for covid-19. I'm still fine, no worries though! But I've had a lot of extra time on my hands so I did a bit of painting again.

    Slug Thug or Snails Angels? What would you name it?

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  • Nov 22nd 2021 at 2:55 PM
    Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend!

    This Thursday is Thanksgiving in USA, and the day after is known as one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Most shops have various big sales in their stores.

    A few days later it's Cyber Monday. It is an often used marketing term for online transactions on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online.

    Even though there's no such thing as Thanksgiving where I live, I plan to implement the sales. So keep an eye out between Friday and Monday for some rare goodies, both here, in Harvest Traffic and in the Food Game.

    There will be two different offers, both of them are great, but a bit different. The first one will run on Friday and Saturday, and the second one on Sunday and Monday. Don't forget to log in and check what it is, and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate!

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  • May 28th 2021 at 6:43 AM
    My cat is a true Hungrian

    I have two cats who I love very much, they've been a great company during the pandemic. One of them, Morris, is a bit chonky so he's been on a diet for quiet a while now. He's not happy about that and will do anything to get a mouthful of pretty much whatever.

    The other day I was cooking some pork T-bones, and this was him pretty much all the time, wishing he was just a little taller.

    He is a true Hungrian. ❤️

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  • Mar 30th 2021 at 4:04 AM
    Bling owl

    I love owls. They're one of my favorite animals, just because how expressive and sometimes super silly they look. So I painted one.

    You know how sometimes you feel like a grey sparrow, so you put on all your bling and a little makeup, or some sort of "mask" with the way you behave to feel more vibrant or alive? That's the idea behind this owl.

    I guess it's easy to get stuck in that kind of gray sparrow feeling during that pandemic. Working from home, not seeing anyone, wearing sweat pants every day. Hopefully that's going to change soon. Hang in there everyone. ❤️

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  • Mar 22nd 2021 at 12:15 PM
    Harvest Traffic Coop

    On March 1, me and Gianluca launched Harvest Traffic Coop. It is a traffic coop, which lets you advertise in over a thousand traffic sources with very little effort. It works in 3 simple steps:

    1. Add the websites you want to advertise.
    You can also select to limit the amount of traffic you want per hour and block traffic sources you don't want.

    2. Advertise your Coop link to earn credits.
    To earn credits, simply advertise your Coop link in manual traffic exchanges and/or viral mailers. When you advertise the Coop link, it will display another Harvest Traffic Coop member's site and you will earn credits for displaying it.

    3. Assign credits to your website.
    Once you have gathered some credits by advertising your Coop link, you can assign them to your website. Your website will then be displayed when other people promote their Coop links, in any of the traffic sources they might use.

    Harvest Traffic Coop banner

    Use the Strength of a community and let all members of Harvest Traffic Coop advertise your websites for you. For free.

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  • Jan 10th 2021 at 5:05 AM
    News in the Partner Shop!

    Hi everyone, wishing you a very happy new year, hopefully 2021 will have a lot more positive news than 2020 did.

    Did you see that you can fill up your Piggy Bank or buy upgrades, short account boosts or credits through the Partner Shop in the Food Game?

    And it's not just for Hungry For Hits, but for many of the participating traffic exchanges. The Partner Shop is like a central marketplace where you can upgrade in your favorite sites.

    You can pay with Gold you earned when clicking the chef hat prize page while surfing here (or in any traffic exchange that has the Food Game), or you can buy it using any of the 13 payment processors available (including card payments).

    I think it's cool that you can upgrade with something you won, and that there are so many partners already. The shop is incredibly popular, so check it out when you get a chance.

    The Food Game

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  • Dec 25th 2020 at 1:42 PM
    Merry Christmas!

    I hope you will have a Merry Christmas! Even though this year has been very challenging, I hope you will find some peace and quiet and some good food during the holidays!

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  • Nov 27th 2020 at 3:22 AM
    Black Friday weekend deals!

    Hi guys! The Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend deals are up! This year I have two different sorts of offers.

    The first is that you get 50% extra with every deposit you make into your Piggy Bank. It works with any amount, so you can deposit $2 and get $3 or $50 and get $75, or any other amount too.

    Instead of lowering the price of specific items, I decided to give you a discount on everything and anything you want to purchase by doing it through the Piggy Bank.

    The second offer is that the Lifetime upgrades are back! It's rare for them to come up for sale, so if you've been thinking about it, now is probably a good time. There are also a couple of really good credit deals there.

    You can reach the lifetime deals from the daily events info box on member home page. Those deals can only be paid with card or Paypal (through a third party site), so it can't be combined with the Piggy Bank bonus offer.

    I am very thankful to have you as a member, and I hope you are happy here at Hungry For Hits!

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  • Nov 18th 2020 at 3:45 PM

    I love bubblegum. Fruity and delicious flavor. Especially that kind you got from a dispenser as a kid, insert a coin and get a handfull of small gum balls.

    So the other day I found an online store that sold exactly that type! The only thing was... They only sold them in super mega big pack. So, my jaws are gonna hurt soon.

    That's a lot, huh? Well... It's only a third of it! Hahaha!
    *Feels rich in bubble gum*

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  • Hi chefs! Today we added a new ingredient in the Food Game, Banana!

    You can use bananas in a new rare American recipe, Banana bread. To be able to cook it, you have to learn it first. You learn recipes by using tickets on the Cooking Classes page under the Cooking menu in the Food Game.

    We will be adding more recipes and ingredients in the upcoming weeks, keep an eye out!

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  • Aug 6th 2020 at 4:34 PM
    High on catnip

    I planted catnip at the summerhouse this spring, and today I harvested the first batch. My cat Fjodor jumped right in and "helped".

    He was in heaven! I doubt anyone has ever been this high before! 😂

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  • Aug 3rd 2020 at 6:05 AM
    The colorful eye

    I've been painting a lot during isolation the last few months. This is the latest piece in the corona painting sessions, and I'm actually really happy with it!

    I plan to do a few more eyes in the same style, to play with color and shape and practice a steady hand.

    However, I'm starting to run out of canvas and color, so we'll see what I can do. I'm not comfortable enough to go to the city to buy stuff just yet, I'm rather safe than sorry. But if isolation is dragging out for much longer, I will see if I can get stuff delivered. It's a great way to spend some time!

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  • Jun 24th 2020 at 12:01 PM
    My corona hairstyle

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you're all staying safe. I've been in isolation for more than 100 days already. Since I have some underlying health issues, I'm not taking any risks. It gets super lonely sometimes, but at least I always have a lot of work to do online!

    I have a "corona hairstyle" these days, since I have to cut it myself. It wouldn't be so bad if it was long, but nooooo, I had to have a short hairstyle... Hehe! One of the first things I'm gonna do when this is over is to visit the salon, for sure.

    Looks pretty good from the front, but the back, not so much! Haha! Thankfully it grows quick, and it doesn't really matter. It's not like I am out with people anyway.

    So tell me: If you are in isolation, what's your hair like these days? :-)

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  • Mar 13th 2020 at 7:51 AM
    Food Game pics!

    Hey everyone!

    I'm so excited, it's less than 2 days until the Food Game is launching! I know there are a LOT of people waiting for this launch, and there aren't a lot of pics or details out yet. So here's just a little something for those who are interested...

    Click to see screenshots from the Food Game!

    Signup opens at 00.01 am New York time on Sunday March 15. Will I see you there?

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  • Feb 20th 2020 at 9:59 AM
    Coming next month: the Food Game!

    Hey guys!

    Next month, I am launching something HUGE. It is a project I worked on together with Gianluca Brozzi from Finest Traffic, a game that will fit right in here at Hungry.

    We call it the Food Game, and it will be a permanent addition to Hungry For Hits and Finest Traffic, but also to ALL other LFMTE traffic exchanges who want it. It's free for other owners to install and offer it to surfers, so we expect that you'll be able to play it in a lot of sites.

    We aim to launch it on March 15, as Gianluca is travelling for work for 3 weeks now. I'll be reaching out to other site owners before then to make sure everyone who wants it from the start is ready to go when we launch.

    So what's the game about? Basically, you're a chef. You will collect ingredients and recipes by surfing in the participating traffic exchanges, and when you cook a dish you will earn points. There are prizes given out at the end of each week for many different things, such as:

    -Most points
    -Most ingredients collected
    -Highest points for a single dish
    -Most dishes cooked

    There will also be some random prizes every week. So it's not hard to see how it would fit in here at Hungry, but how does this connect to advertising? Well, it's easy.

    You can advertise square banners on the prize pages in all participating sites. You can build downlines in all the participating sites, as players have to fill in their referral ID for a site to play the game there. We also offer very focused website views, similar to surfing, although very restricted and with a long timer without distractions.

    We are super excited about it and we already got some huge traffic exchange partners. I'll tell you a lot more about it as we're getting closer to launch!

    Are you an LFMTE owner?
    Check out our pre-launch partner info here!

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