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I live in the United Kingdom, happily married to Nicole. Live in a great area of UK with all the general run of the mill stuff that goes towards enjoying a great life...

Been working online now for over two decades, mainly in affiliate marketing and helping people to build teams and earn a passive income.'s what I'm involved in online!
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  • Jul 30th 2023 at 10:27 AM
    Empower Life is now in Pre Launch...

    Empower Life Club

    Lock in Now, the official prelaunch was July 27, 2023.

    We are in the early pre launch of a new 2 x 12 global matrix business opportunity.

    No recruiting required to earn in the matrix, full matrix payout with no referrals is $4,096.

    Earn Income 8 Ways:

    - Fast Start Commission - $10 Infinity Width, $5 As a Free Member!

    - Global Matrix Commission - 5% Per Member in Your Matrix!

    - Infinity Commissions - Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses

    - Invite Just 5 Members You Invite and You Earn 10% Infinity Commissions!

    - E-Shop Commissions: 50% Discount And 100% Profit

    - Affiliate E-Shop Commissions: 5% To 25% Depending on Rank

    - Influencer Bonuses: 35% To 60% Affiliates Commissions

    - Ranks & Incentives: $1,000 To $100K Commissions

    - Diamond Bonus Pool: 5% of Total Sales

    Register for FREE NOW but only $20 to join and then just $10 per month! I can build this one HUGE so let’s align now and create a massive team!

    $10 One-Time Setup Fee / Goes to the Sponsor! $10 per Month / Distributed in Commissions!

    Credit card and all crypto accepted.

    Click here to visit site

    Clive Anderson

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  • Jun 24th 2023 at 11:47 AM
    ...the Sad REALITY

    Expect nothing but the best... because you're worth it.

    When was the last time you had an employer turn around to you and say.

    "You're such a great employee (You) with an amazing work ethic, you could do amazingly well with your own business?"

    It'll never happen, and at best they will want to keep you by offering a measly pay-rise.

    So, what is the alternative...

    Work for someone else full-time for forty years (who doesn't have your best interests at heart) and make them wealthy, or work for yourself spare-time (few hours a week) and make yourself wealthy in one to two years!

    It doesn't even require an interview. You just have to get started!
    It's not a massive decision, it just takes an initial bit of action.

    David Rosen has created the ideal vehicle for you to achieve financial independence.

    Why not see what Paul Angus has to say about Davids alternative to working hard for forty years.

    (Paul retired from full-time work after only using this system for six weeks, so he is well worth listening to)

    It's just a video and a little bit of your time.

    Click here to see Pauls video

    Clive Anderson

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  • Jun 18th 2023 at 3:24 AM

    The Worlds First Global Cooperative Income System

    The Coop Business gives you and your loved ones a world of opportunity.

    Take control of your finances and your financial future today.


    Serious people wanting to achieve complete financial freedom within the next six months.

    What It Takes

    The skills that you already posess...

    How It Works

    Click here for full access and free information video

    Clive Anderson

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  • Jun 11th 2023 at 9:41 AM
    Want To Retire Before CHRISTMAS 2023?


    There is a brand news financial solution on the horizon that is turning the work from home industry on its head!

    It is a life changing system that is giving people the opportunity to turn the tables once and for all on the global restrictions of high inflation, and costs of living.

    And, it is now available to you...

    It's time to extinguish the flames of being a financial firefighter and become free from the financial rope around your neck.

    Check out the exclusive free video here

    Clive Anderson

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  • Finally Had Enough Of Creating Someone Elses Dreams With Your Efforts?

    Want EVER Growing - EVER Lasting Income?

    Find Out How You Can Now Achieve The Life That You've Always Dreamed Of.

    2 Simple Doable Steps For Limitless Possibilities.

    Start Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For.

    Click Here To Watch The Video On How It Is Done!

    Clive Anderson

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  • Mar 5th 2023 at 6:36 AM
    [LeadsLeap] EXPOSED!!.

    There are several online systems that project themselves as a complete online business building system and some are certainly of benefit.

    However, what is a true online business building system, or all in one system and where does LeadsLeap fit into that line up?

    I guess we all have different outlooks when it comes to our project objectives that we are working with online, but fundamentally securing every element that makes the entire process easier and our actions far-more effective is probably key for all of us that are looking to gain a successful outcome.

    That's pretty much where LeadsLeap comes into play. I could sit here and type all the individual benefits that someone will experience and gain from LeadsLeap, but from my aspect that would become a book and not a review.

    Upon initial entry into the LeadsLeap back office the business facilities and tools tabs on the left are in a format that is easily understood. Looking further into those tabs it is discovered that the ability and application of each section is extensive, but again easily understood thanks to the tutorial facility at the top right of every section.

    There is also an up-to-date blog section created by the owner (also accessible via the back office) that not only outlines the capabilities of each facility it also goes into depth on how to gain the most from the features.

    If you want Leads, Sales, Mass Promotion, Marketing and Income then LeadsLeap has got your back.

    Some of the marketing tools alone are worth an extensive subscription, but LeadsLeap provides them all for free, and if you want to put things on autopilot then for a small monthly fee you can go Pro.

    Either way you will indirectly earn income in 5 ways just by using the system, that's on top of ANYTHING else you do with the system.

    They've been online since 2008, which clearly demonstrates long-term success as well as stability, and even with updates that have been added and included in the last few months the demonstration for members to succeed is clearly the main focus.


    Create your own web, splash, lead-capture pages using easy to set-up templates that give any business/opportunity that professional look.
    Gain massive exposure across the internet on multiple sites that you have nothing to do with. All from the comfort of LeadsLeap back office...
    Build your very own large list without any huge domain or autoresponder costs.
    Everything you'll ever need to build any business right at your fingertips.
    If your goal is to earn a regular income online, there really is no better program to depend on.
    Totally secure and member orientated. Will be here for many years to come...

    An opportunity to excel in all that you do online and earn additional income while doing it. A truly great opportunity for anyone serious about generating a long-term high income online.

    Oh, and one thing I've failed to go into is that even if you want to refer LeadsLeap to others (for which there are extensive promotional tools to do so) you will, as a Pro member receive 50% commission, and as a free member 25% commission every month.

    Pro members also gain many more extras including free downline followers and with referrals they get paid 5 levels deep.

    A great way in itself to gain yet another ongoing, on growing income, and with 171+ thousand current members the desire for people looking for results and to become a member of LeadsLeap is clear.

    As with a lot of reviews the reader could be forgiven for thinking the writer is bound to state a positive in regard to the subject being discussed, and while this may be true in many instances that is certainly not the case here. I've always believed that the facts are the facts and they cannot be glorified if what is being said does not hold true.

    In this review I've tried to create what is a realistic picture of the subject in question, but in all honesty on this occasion I feel I have probably understated a lot of the aspects, especially when it comes to the quality of all that LeadsLeap incorporates and provides for its members.

    Check out the LeadsLeap System here!

    Clive Anderson
    Still not sure? Why not read my FULL LeadsLeap review here!

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  • Nov 28th 2022 at 12:20 PM
    Solving The List Building Headache..

    YES you need a list if you're serious about creating success online.


    I'm sure that by now you will have heard many times that building a list is key to creating any kind of success online?

    The tall and short of it is that to create any significant ongoing income online a list really is paramount.

    However, even before starting to build the list it can involve quite a significant learning curve and a financial outlay.

    You'd Need:

    1) Products or offers that have value and that you can make revenue from.

    2) An autoresponder to manage your list.

    3) A means or system to create your lead capture pages.

    4) A host for hosting your domain and pages.

    5) An extensive array of website promotion systems.

    6) A selection of pre-written emails to share with your list/lists.

    7) And of course the knowledge to know how to map this all together to make it effective.

    If this sounds fairly daunting, then at this point you'll be pleased to know that there is an easier way, a much easier way.

    There is a system that pretty much handles the entire process. Wait, what am I saying? It handles the whole process and more!

    And, it even tops up your leads daily with between 100 to 200 leads automatically.

    Here's what to expect:

    You will get the leads as I've mentioned, you also get your own private in-house mailing system so that you can email all of your growing list of leads DAILY!

    You own all the leads, so when the time comes you can load them onto any other autoresponder that you may have.

    If you wanted to share the system itself with your leads you will earn a pleasing residual income down to '5' levels. Plus! The emails to send to your growing list if you did are already done and all you have to do is click load and send. It's that easy.

    The main point here though is that you'd be saving yourself an inordinate amount of time, and money, and if you wished to instantly start promoting something to your very own list you will be able to.

    It doesn't get much easier, or simpler than that...

    I hear you screaming that this system that will automatically provide you with 3000 to 6000 leads EVERY month must cost a pretty penny.

    In-fact, no, it will cost you just $30 to join, and $30 a month, That's $60 to get started and after your first full month it works out to be just a dollar a day!

    Yep! just a dollar a day for all this ability. AND, 98% of the leads are U.S.A. based.

    Want to know more?

    Take a look. Click Here and see exactly how others are benefitting massively from using this system, and when you get started you will too.

    This will solve any list building issues...

    Clive Anderson

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  • ...and it's all to do with practicality and purpose!

    Are your goals to be broke, no prospects, and in debt? ...I doubt it.

    However, so many people unfortunately end up this way even though they have given their all throughout their lives. Seems unfair really, but that's just the way it is.

    There are many avenues, or options that people can take in order to prevent such outcomes, but most include stepping out from the crowd.

    One such solution could be to find a viable online platform that has the ability to provide an additional regular income, but even that can in a lot of cases be a

    Personally, I've been online since the late 1990's and in that time have seen many changes.

    One in particular was the launch of a complete online package system back in 2009.

    The program has stood the test of time and more importantly still holds the title of being the most attractive and popular income generation program currently online.

    Not only has it successfully flourished where others have failed and fallen, but it has provided many of its members with a completely different lifestyle.

    When looking for a system to earn with, two of the main characteristics to look for are practicality and purpose!

    The Prosperity Marketing System has locked in both of these key features right from the start, giving it a highly attractive appeal as well as providing its members with a highly worthwhile and profitable outcome.

    Designed so that everyone who joins gets an equal chance to secure a profitable outcome, and always get much more than they might initially think.

    Should you investigate the Prosperity Marketing System? Absolutely, because you really won't find or see a better online solution for providing absolutely anyone with a genuine (and easy) opportunity to achieve complete financial security.

    No matter even if you have zero online earning experience as that is exactly what the Prosperity Marketing System is all about.

    Takes a person from zero, to hero step-by-step.

    Here is your chance to seriously turn the tables, even if you are already of the opinion that you already have a solution for gaining complete financial freedom, or feel it is out of reach. This is the best for absolutely everyone!

    It's a phenominal income funnel that has the ability to turn a negative financial balance into a massive positive one, and in a relatively short time period.

    Check out the Prosperity Marketing System here!

    It is often difficult to put into words how good something really is without having to virtually write a book on it, but even then some people would still be looking for the catch.

    My advice... stop looking for a catch and take a leap of faith once in a while, after all, it's what fortunes are built from.

    Clive Anderson

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  • Jul 28th 2021 at 2:08 PM
    LeadsLeap a Short Review

    Who said building a business online is difficult?

    Got An Online Business? Want to See it Flourish?

    The answer is to have everything your business needs for rapid growth all under one roof!

    Build your business with LeadsLeap - (Leads Leap incorporates the latest resources and a suite of robust easy to use web tools, products, and online services to make any business thrive).

    Seamlessly AUTOMATE your business building efforts,
    your marketing efforts and build your own lists which you can use to work with, and earn more money anytime.

    All the essential and necessary tools to build your business to the next level and beyond.

    Automate your business activities and just watch your income grow.

    Extensive tools and facilities that includes a complete email marketing and autoresponder system, page makers (web, splash and lead capture), ready-made sales funnels, trackers, cloaker, plus many other vital business building tools.

    LeadsLeap minimalizes your efforts while increasing your overall returns at the same time.

    You can now access LeadsLeap's arsenal of tools, and start fulfilling your appetite for success for a crazy low price equal to a take-away pizza.

    Take the LeadsLeap tour. Click Here (opens in new tab)

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  • Jul 18th 2021 at 1:21 PM
    Who is Clive Anderson?

    I'm a 58 year old man at the time of writing this.
    I was born in the United Kingdom and have lived here all my life. I currently live in Addlestone, in the county of Surrey.
    I've had a varied offline working experience over the years, and started out online nearly 20 years ago.
    I've had many successes, and fallen a few times too, but always believed the Internet is the place for dreamers and believers to do well. (And it is).
    I'm kind hearted, considerate, and a true believer in helping others wherever and whenever possible.
    I don't suffer fools gladley, nor those who think I should do be doing what they are doing online becuase they think it's so much better. If it was I'd be doing it...
    I'm a big lover of animals, and some insects for that matter too! Why not, they deserve to live here too.
    My motto is: - "If it's going to be, then it's up to me."
    I live a great life and enjoy every day, and my goal in life is to pass that comfort onto as many others as I can while I'm able.
    That's me really, just a normal everyday guy that believes if Free Enterprise, and passive income, of course...

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Empower Life is now in Pre Launch...
Jul 30th 2023 at 10:27 AM
...the Sad REALITY
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Want To Retire Before CHRISTMAS 2023?
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