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  • Jan 20th 2020 at 1:40 AM
    Just Won Weekly Jackpot at OMG TE!

    I just got an email saying that I won the weekly jackpot at OMG Traffic Exchange for being one of their most active members! 70/70/70. Check out this TE here:

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  • This will be a review of the following sites I recently joined this past December 2019.

    OK, when I first joined TE Payday (short for Traffic Exchange Payday), I didn't know what to expect or how easy it would be to use. I must say that I am loving the design of this Cooperative. You promote directly and/or leverage the efforts of other members to help build your downlines in over 100 traffic exchanges in addition to building downlines in your TE Payday affiliate account. I upgraded to the basic membership for $5 a month to start off and plan to upgrade to elite ($30/monthly) in the near future. I already got my first TE Payday referral and I am able to control which traffic exchanges I promote to start building downlines in each one of those. I can change them out at any time and even customize my very own brander for the splash pages that are activated when you insert your TE affiliate IDs/numbers. Quick Clicker is a service available for faster surfing so you can collect more credits in record time. I am personally using my own traffic exchange browser which works for me just fine at the moment. Try it here:
    I may test Quick Clicker at some point in the future. You can join TE Payday here:

    The sister site VM Payday (Viral Mailer Payday) does the same things as TE Payday but with mailers this time. I also love their site, especially the handy tool Mail Clicker included FREE, that's right FREE, for ALL members! You can open emails at a much faster rate and earn credits more efficiently. A Must-Have tool for all internet marketers that use mailers and depending on which upgrade level you choose, you can extract up to an unlimited number of emails per day. I currently can extract 500 daily at the basic membership for $5 a month. Now at the Novice membership for just $10 a month, I would be able to extract unlimited emails! So I will be switching to a higher membership level very soon. ;) You can join me via this link:

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  • Dec 16th 2019 at 11:24 PM
    Just Joined TE Payday & Testing it Out

    Coop-style downline builder. Includes 100+ Traffic Exchanges, aka TEs. Earn commissions promoting the site along with the traffic exchanges you build downlines in. New sites added often. Check it out here:

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Just Won Weekly Jackpot at OMG TE!
Jan 20th 2020 at 1:40 AM
Just Joined TE Payday & Testing it Out
Dec 16th 2019 at 11:24 PM
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