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Join Hungry For Hits - best Traffic exchange and free advertising with many advanced features.

I like Hungry for Hits. Admin Klara is a great owner and she cares for the members. This site has amazing features and I recommend it to Internet and affiliate marketers.
Prasanth Kallay

I have found my FAVORITE traffic exchange and it's... HUNGRY FOR HITS! Why is HUNGRY FOR HITS my favorite? Well putting aside I'm a forcibly retired chef (spinal cord disease) it's because of ALL the features! Games, Downline builder and Personalized Splash Page that only shows your stuff! The affiliate tools are excellent and the 8 second timer is ACTUALLY 8 SECONDS! The required auto assign is only 50%! Above that and I start to feel like I am surfing for the exchange owner and NOT my self! Actually, I have decided that ANY exchange that requires more than 50% auto assign I am gonna start to phase out. Anyways I can say that if you take Hungry For Hits out for a test surf you'll be surprised at all the features, how easy it is to use and how CONSISTENT it is! Like I said I have a NEW FAVORITE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE it's name is HUNGRY FOR HITS and YOU SHOULD USE IT TOO!!
Steve Lanier


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