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  • Jan 26th 2023 at 12:34 PM
    Whats in your supplements?

    A.G. Schneiderman Asks Major Retailers To Halt Sales Of Certain Herbal Supplements As DNA Tests Fail To Detect Plant Materials Listed On Majority Of Products Tested
    Cease And Desist Letters Sent To GNC, Target, Walgreens And Walmart As Most Store Brand Supplements Were Found To Contain Contaminants Not Identified On Ingredient Labels; Just 21% Of Supplement Tests Identified DNA From Plant Species Listed On Labels.
    This goes back a few years now but are we naïve enough to think that these Major National brands can be trusted when the heats off? Personally, I seriously doubt it! Here's the link if you're interested. Let me know what you think?

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  • Jan 19th 2023 at 11:46 AM

    The 12 Must Have's when Looking at Opportunities

    With so many companies to choose from how do you know which one is the right one? Ultimately the products need to fit you, the timing must be right for you and it should be parrallel to your beliefs.... BUT If you are looking do yourself and your future a favor. Ask some big questions about the company. Make sure that your decision is calculated. 23 Years ago a list of 12 points of analysis was put together by one of the most successful people the direct selling industry has ever seen. This list still stands true today.

    • Most companies fail within the first 5 years. Ground floor opportunities can often create wealth quickly but there is no argument for sustainability.

    • Look before you leap – will it last? What’s the track record?Recently I had conversations with someone who told me their company had been around since the 70’s. That’s stable… they didn’t know their company filed for bankruptcy in the 2010’s... Time doesn't necessarily constitute "sound".

    • Who is in charge? What is their history? Will they leave this to start something new in the future?

    • Is it is a "Potion" or is it really part of the everyday economy? Who are your competitors and what is the demographic you will be marketing too?

    • Value can best be described as science + performance + PRICE. Residual from products must be priced right but also is a major factor to attrition.

    • If your residual is solely based on recruitment you run a HIGHER risk of failure. Many companies have good products, the re-order rate will tell the whole story.

    • Attrition is a natural element to any business. Make sure you are giving yourself your best chance at success by analyzing these statistics. If the company won’t share…. walk away.

    • What do you have to do to earn income? How do you get paid? It amazes me everyday that people will partner with a company without understanding the comp plan. When I worked in the corporate world, I wouldn’t take a job unless I knew my benefits package or what I get for pay and vacation…

    • Membership fees, website fees any other small print. Does your money pay your sponsorship and how?


    • What are the company goals? How are they financially and more importantly... where are they going?

    • You should never be penalized for bringing in someone better than you!
    • Your organization is yours – it should never be available for someone else’s taking. Did you even know this can happen??? It does.

    NO RISK [Money, Time, Reputation]
    • what guarantees exist? What are you putting your shoulder into?


    Are you looking for the next one, or are you looking for the last one?

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  • It is somewhat ironic that the products that we use to make our homes clean and “healthy”, could, actually, be making us sick. Below are two articles recently published that indicate, exactly that.

    It studied more than 6,000 people for over a 20-year period, so the results would seem to be more than just a little conclusive. The point it makes is that cleaning your home (or office areas) with the caustic domestic and cleaning products that most of us use could be as bad for us as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for over 20 years.

    Are the products effective? Maybe not. Yet the damage to the lungs and body certainly is. If you are continuing, even after reading this, at least read the labels for the ingredients. Ammonia, chlorine bleach and formaldehyde are just a few of the chemical “villains” you should be aware of.

    These chemicals can deteriorate your health over a long period of time, and even though these articles and study are focused on lung deterioration, there are many other long-term effects to your cardiovascular health and the development of other serious diseases.

    If you are like I am, and can’t resist the pleasant aroma and accelerated cleaning power of a cleaner, look for effective products that contain NONE of the dangers of traditional cleaners. A good indicator is the absence of “child-proof” packaging. There are products that are developed with natural and safe-science ingredients. How do I know? I found them and they are amazing!

    Gary 😉

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  • Jan 9th 2023 at 1:40 PM
    THE Wellness Company!!

    Why are we called "THE" Wellness Company?
    Firstly we've been in business of delivering safer wellness based products since 1985!! Can you think of any other wellness company that's been delivering "wellness" that long and has done so with continued growth while remaining totally debt free?
    During this time THE Wellness Company has paid out PAID out...well over 6.8 BILLION (YES Billion with a "B") to its members simply for sharing the products we love.
    I personally have been enjoying these products for over 20 years and absolutely love them being delivered right to my door!
    Yes we are "THE" Wellness Company!!
    There is no “investment.” customers purchase only what they will use up on a monthly basis.
    I'm always looking for new customers within North America and beyond! We're set up in many parts of Europe and even have stores set up in parts of Asia but we're obviously not available in all countries. Please feel free to message me directly to find out if these products "INSPIRED BY NATURE PROVEN BY SCIENCE" are available in your country.
    Oh and I forgot to mention THE WELLNESS COMPANY manufactures over 90% of what we sell! YES straight from the manufacturer to your door! Who else does that!?

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