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  • I recently launched a new video campaign to help spread awareness about Herbalife Nutrition. 

    This is an effort to bring free online education to our online wellness communities around the world and to make it easy for anyone to get involved and take part in our fun online activities and coaching events.

    I launched the campaign early while still working on the finishing touches, but all the main features are set up and ready. 

    You can expect to find some really interesting videos, presentations and educational online events, Live Coaching and Video Learning Experiences.


    • Learn about The "NEW" Herbalife and The "OLD" Herbalife 
    • Learn what other people are saying about Herbalife
    • Learn what Global Nutrition Partners & Professional Athletes are saying about Herbalife
    • Experience The Nutrition with a fun Online Challenge
    • Free Online Coaching Offers
    • Free Online Business Presentation

    Transitioning to Full Launch in Q4 2023

    Members in our online traffic networks and focus groups got to see the launch first, beginning on the 5th August 2023. 

    It's probably going to be a few more months before it's fully launched, I'm estimating late Q4 2023. However, with that said, since you are now here reading this post... You can get a look for yourself and start your online video adventure experience for free using the link below.

    The Amazing Herbalife Nutrition Video Adventure Experience

    The Experience is providing access to educational videos, presentations, video learning, live coaching and group coaching events.

    The Amazing Herbalife Nutrition Video Adventure Experience

    Like, share and Subscribe...

    To Your Amazing Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!

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  • Oct 17th 2022 at 7:38 AM
    Be Your Own Bank

    The Utopian Global Lifestyle Opportunity

    "Be Your Own Bank"

    Video Presentation - Live Stream Recording

    >>>>>Click Here to view Video

    Utopian Global offers a unique business model that

    anyone can have success with by simply sharing

    information and education. As a premium level

    affiliate you get the opportunity to earn a substantial

    income through affiliate rewards all while taking

    control of your own personal finances.

    Free or Premium Level Membership

    Members can choose to join with a free customer

    account or upgrade to become a premium level

    affiliate and independent business owner.

    Free Members can enjoy the benefits of the

    precious metals saver account and earn up to

    17% APY with the Cashets opportunity.

    Premium Members enjoy the same benefits as a

    free member, however as a premium level affiliate

    you can earn a substantial income by building a

    business in your part time and earn up to 38.4%

    APY with Cashets.

    The best part is...

    it doesn't require selling, there's no stock to buy and

    all you have to do is share your referral link with others. 

    Earning with Utopian Global is easy: each time you

    refer a new member and a new person signs up using

    your referral link, you get rewarded and as your

    network begins to grow, so does your income.

    Sign up and get started with Utopian Global today.

    To Your Amazing Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!


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  • Oct 5th 2022 at 5:06 PM
    Super Simple Health & Wealth Plan!

    Anyone can do this!

    Drink Coffee, Improve Your Health, Boost Your Immune System, Stay Strong Fit & Healthy!

    Share your affiliate link and earn commissions while introducing people to Ganoderma Coffee...

    Within just minutes... I mean in under 5 minutes from now you could be signed up and ready to go with your very own online coffee shop, The best part about this business opportunity is... You can sign up for free and get sharing right away, there's no monthly auto-ship requirement but I'm sure you're going to love the coffee and order regularly anyway. As an affiliate and Independent Business Owner it's always a good idea to use the products and talk about their benefits. I mean if you don't use and love the products how will others have confidence in what you're sharing? Product Sharing & Word of Mouth Advertising works best for this type of business opportunity.

    Here's a tip... Always have enough Coffee at home for sharing, When you have friends, family or visitors in your home you can simply offer them a great cup of coffee and chat about the amazing health benefits of Ganoderma Coffee. 3 Boxes is a good start, 1 box for You, 1 for sharing and 1 that you can sell to a potential customer or future coffee club member!

    You can introduce a new person to join your club by sharing your own affiliate referral link and that way they too can begin to enjoy affiliate commissions as well as enjoy the great tasting herbal coffee!

    Share your affiliate referral link enough times, talk to just a few people with word of mouth advertising and you could be paying for all of your coffee with affiliate commissions and put some extra cash in the bank too! 😀💰👍

    "Ganoderma" also called the reishi mushroom or in Chinese ling zhi, is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms in China, Japan, and the United States. Ganoderma has over 2000 years of documented history validating that Ganoderma Lucidum is the “Miraculous King of Herbs” or “Mushroom of Immortality.”

    Join today... It's absolutely free to get started!

    Sign up and register as an Affiliate of The Ganoderma Coffee Club

    To Your Amazing Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!

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  • Sep 24th 2022 at 9:50 AM
    How to Beat The Cost of Living Crisis

    Free Video Event & E-Book

    I've been quietly working on some new projects this year and recently released a new E-Book earlier this month, 3rd September it's called "Wealth Creation Made Simple" and it's designed to help anyone Create Real Wealth by hedging against inflation and with practical solutions to generate additional streams of income.

    The E-Book it's self is pretty short in terms of content, It's just 8 pages, however it's split in to 6 different parts and it has everything anyone would need to Improve their Financial I.Q. and be in a position to make better decisions around Wealth Creation, It takes around 9 minutes to read the 8 page report and it has all the info laid out in a very simple format.

    I'm offering the E-Book as a (Free) report as I want to help everyone succeed in the new economy and especially, I want to help all those who have supported me here at Hungry for Hits and in the traffic exchanges over the years.

    I do hope you find value inside and I hope that you can use it to your full advantage!

    You can learn more and get your own copy of "Wealth Creation Made Simple" by following the link below.

    Sign up and register for the Free Video Event & E-Book here

    To Your Amazing Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!

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  • Dec 20th 2021 at 1:15 PM
    Immune Health in the Winter Months

    During the colder season we really need to take care of our immune health as it is our #1 defence mechanism for fighting flus, colds and viruses.

    Stay Strong Fit & Healthy This Winter!

    Take Part in the Free 30 Day Ideal Breakfast Challenge

    - The only cost is the cost of your breakfast!

    Discover A New Way to Experience Healthy Nutrition

    View my recent Tweet about Immune Health

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  • I'm raising the bar just a little bit here and pushing myself a little bit harder to get all the new campaigns ready for launch next year!

    However, here's a Challenge you can get started with right away!

    You don't have to wait until New Year!

    One of the main campaigns I am promoting right now has an even greater added value than before with the new financial instruments and strategic partnerships included with the U.G. Lifestyle Opportunity, Financial Education & Hybrid Income Strategies.

    The 100K Challenge is an 8 day online coaching series comprising of live stream and video events with resources that allow you to create wealth and a growing residual income. The goal is to earn 100K in a time frame that is realistic and achievable for you, even if you have no prior experience in wealth creation or network marketing, you'll be getting help and support along the way!

    You'll learn everything there is to know about creating real wealth in the new economy!

    The 8 Day Online Coaching Series is Absolutely Free!

    All you need to do is open your email once a day to get access to the free online education, coaching and resources.

    Sign Up for the free 8 Day Online Challenge,

    Set some goals and see if you can turn your yearly income into a monthly ​income!

    P.S. New Product Launch & Challenges!

    I've now included 4 Free Bonus Offers on my Profile Page,

    Check them out here 

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    8 Day Email Coaching Series.... "Wealth Creation Made Simple"

    Pre Launching Now... (Limited Spaces Available).

    Sign Up for FREE!

    Start Creating Real Wealth on Day 1,

    Get Access to State of the Art Business & Wealth Creation Tools & Training.

    The 100K Challenge is designed to help you to...

    A. Increase Profit Margins & ROI

    B. Generate Multiple Streams of Income

    C. Earn Residual Income & Uncapped Commissions

    D. Increase your Financial I.Q. 

    E. Make more focused and calculated informed descisions around income and finance

    F. Improve your Financial Fitness, Status and Credit Score

    If you are reading this post right now, this message is for you... regardless if you are already financially stable or if you have zero in the bank - You are going to love this amazing content, free coaching and resources, you'll learn how to create real wealth like the super rich and generate multiple streams of income all from the comfort of your own home with video learning and live broadcasts online. 8 Day Email Coaching Series.

    Get Started Right Now (Limited Spaces Available)



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  • Jul 9th 2021 at 10:25 AM
    The Amazing 3 Step Wealth Pan!

    How to protect your hard earned income and generate additional income streams almost effortlessly and all at the same time!

    Learn from my 17 years + Wealth Creation through business and marketing research and development experience (For Free). 

    Regardless of whether you are alreading running a successful business or not. 

    *Please Note: This offer is not about Extra Work, it's definetly not about doing more work, more hours and working longer and harder. The Plan is actually designed for those who are seeking Financial Freedom, Time Freedom or both!

    However, The Main Focus here is:- Wealth Creation with an incredible opportunity to earn additional income streams.

    Optional Business Opportunity 

    If you are considering starting something new, like an online business that you can easily run and manage from the comfort of your own home, The Amazing 3 Step Wealth Plan will make it so easy for anyone to start forming new habits around cash flowing income streams and real wealth creation with access to unique business development and online financial tools. 

    The 3 Steps are simple and also act as your entry point to gaining access to specific knowledge and online education to start creating wealth with precious metals, physical Gold & Silver and if you are business minded you can begin growing additional streams of income easily and almost effortlessly. 

    This is not a get rich quick plan, nor is it a get rich slow plan, it's just simply a starting point for acquiring Real Wealth & Raising your Financial I.Q. with additional income opportunities.

    Unlimited Income Potential 

    The Business Model & Income Opportunites are uncapped, meaning: You can decide on how much you want earn, set targets or financial goals, take part in fun educational challenges that can help you to reach your targets and goals. Income can be generated through word of mouth advertising or by use of social media, email marketing and any other form of creative online marketing.

    Enjoy the benefits of Member discounts on high value products and services as well as generous ongoing, recurring commissions.

    You can attend our online presentations and ask questions online to learn more about the income opportunities available. 

    Online Community Groups & Education Resources - Team Support & More!

    Sign up for the 3 Day Course Today!

    Courses are held twice monthly, You can register now to go on the wait list for the next available online course.

    AMA on Day 3 - You get to ask me anything LIVE! on Day 3 of the Course.


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  • Sep 23rd 2020 at 5:08 PM
    Utopian Global Business Presentation

    Presented to you by Paul Nulty,

    Hosted by Claudia Eifert & Bill Rowell.

    Download your free Ebook

    Sign Up to Utopian Global

    ​Sign up to Platinum Wealth Builders for
    Free Coaching & Marketing Tools

    To Your Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!

    Paul Nulty

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  • Sep 18th 2020 at 1:24 PM
    Welcome to my blog

    Hi, Welcome to my blog on Hungry for Hits!

    I have more than 20 years experience in network marketing, business development, affiliate marketing and various other marketing and promotional strategies.

    If you are ready to take your business to another level or if you are just getting started? You are at the right place because I am sharing my Top 3 Income Earners & Top 3 Marketing Tools for FREE as part of The 100K Challenge!

    My Challenge will help you get on track and on target to earning 100K per year or more... That's my wish and challenge for you!

    Are you ready to start?

    Sign up here

    To Your Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!

    Paul Nulty

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