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  • I wanted to take a moment and share with you the potential that
    exists here with the Turbo Wealth Solution!

    In fact I have generated $12,600 in a single day numerous times
    with this business.

    This is by far the best home-based program on the planet today,
    bar none! To make it even sweeter I'm working less hours than I
    have ever worked before (2-3 hours a day) due to the fact that I
    don't need to prospect to make this baby crank out the cash :)

    I'm achieving these awesome results right from the comfort of my

    So you might want to start paying very close attention to the
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    Now DonJosiah, you may be looking at that above figure and saying
    "WOW $12,600 in less than 24 hours, that's impossible." Well, let
    me break it down for you so you can clearly see it is not as hard as
    you may think.

    On each of those $12,600 days, my Secret Success Machine website
    had created these transactions.

    I am sure you would agree with me that a few signups is not a big

    Especially when you consider the Internet hit over 1 BILLION users
    last year. Granted, not every single one of them are coming on-line
    to start a Home Based Program, however, a big enough percentage

    Actually 18 Million people last year were looking for a home based

    On top of that the Internet is really only in its infancy. It is
    growing at a dramatically rapid pace. Those of us who are already
    on-line marketing our programs are WAY ahead of the curve.

    Plus the Secret Success Machine is truly a GLOBAL opportunity.

    I've had people from four different International countries join my
    empire last week.

    Egil from Norway.
    Ulziikhu from Singapore.
    Faleatua from Saudi Arabia.
    And George from Canada...

    As well as many others from the U.S.

    It's such an advantage to be able to have people join your program
    from all over the globe!

    Do you know what that feels like to wake up knowing $1000-$6,300 is
    coming to you! If you don't, it's time to start imagining exactly
    what it would feel like!

    There is no reason why you can't be experiencing the same exact
    scenario in a very short time.

    I'm not here to fill your head with hype. I just want to share my
    story with you so you can see first hand, the power this system
    truly has.

    It literally does 95% of everything for you. It does the sorting
    and the explaining.

    So you might be asking yourself, "What's the catch?"

    There is none!

    Your only responsibility is to advertise.

    Just place some ads or send out some postcards to get people to
    your site, which, by the way are already written for you by
    me...sending people to your website, and if they're serious enough
    about getting started, they'll JOIN and send you $500-$6,500 each

    Now, I know you might be saying you do not know how to advertise.
    That's OK because I do, and I can easily teach you. I have been
    working from home in this industry with several companies for many

    I'll share with you what is working and what is not. I'll also sit
    down with you and map out a solid action plan based on your budget.
    I have some very affordable advertising that I recommend that's
    pulling very well.

    Can you mail a postcard?

    Great, then you can work this program!

    Think about it, there are tons of possibilities, and a lot of
    marketing avenues that can be explored when you're dealing with
    $1000-$6,300 from each person who joins with you!

    I think you are already starting to realize that you can generate
    money here and do it very quickly.

    It all depends on how much action you can take and how fast you are
    willing to take it! I can definitely help you out in that area! I
    always recommend marketing methods that have already been tested to
    produce results with the Secret Success Machine!

    I don't want you to waste a dime on marketing that doesn't work,
    remember, your first person comes to me.

    : )

    So take the time and go through the most important step in the
    system, checking out the audios and movie on the website.

    Click Here Listen To The Member Testimonials

    You can do that right now by visiting this site:

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    You see that is the most AMAZING benefit of this program. No longer
    do I have to be chained to my computer or telephone in order to
    generate money from home.

    No more dreaded cold calling to leads.

    Since I have been in the Secret Success Machine program I have generated
    money in all these following scenarios:

    I have generated money with the Secret Success Machine...

    .... While I was sleeping. :)

    .... While my girl and I were out at a Movie.

    .... While I was out to Dinner.

    .... While I was playing with my son and daughter.

    .... While I was home relaxing and watching my 50 inch Plasma TV.

    .... While we were out laying by the pool swimming and catching
    some rays.

    I can go on and on...however I'm sure you get the point. My family
    and I are so grateful to be a part of the Secret Success Machine.

    It's the first time where a program is actually working for us
    instead of us having to work for the program.

    It's called using leverage.

    What's leverage?

    Basically, leverage is benefiting from other people's money and/or
    efforts in addition to your own.

    Most people earn linear income. This is when you are paid on an
    hourly basis. The problem with this is there are only 24 hours in a
    day. So even if you were able to work nonstop for 24 hours a day
    your income would still be very limited. There are no more hours in
    a day that you can possibly get paid for.

    No one gets wealthy by being paid linear income!

    Most people are barely just getting by with this type of income.

    Here is the GREAT NEWS...

    You can do the very same thing I'm doing. It is a completely level
    playing field with the Secret Success Machine.

    Wouldn't you like to be away on vacation and generating cash BIG
    time from your very own Secret Success Machine?

    This reality is closer than you may think.

    I encourage you to take the next step Right Now! Don't
    procrastinate and put it off until later or tomorrow! The time is

    You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Visit this site:

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    This is exactly how the system will work for you!

    As I have mentioned to you before in a previous e-mail, one of my
    main goals this year is to assist as many people as possible to
    turn their annual income into their monthly income.

    The only question right now is will you be one of the people who
    achieve this goal or one of the people who let this once in a
    lifetime opportunity pass them by?
    And if you weren't paying attention before,
    STOP whatever you're doing and go check this out right now...

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    Take care.

    Don Josiah - In Word Or deed, Do All In The name Of jesus Christ

    "Hey Don Josiah, I wanna review the MDM Machine and/or WATCH the movie again... where do I go?"

    Call 800-558-4158 (24hr recorded explanation)

    "Hey Don Josiah, I'm ready to join. What do I do next?"
    Hey Don Josiah, what is the Secret Success Machine
    How much does it cost?
    How Do I generate money?
    I need my questions answered, can you answer them?
    No, we won't!

    That's the Info call & Websites job...

    Call 800-558-4158 (24hr recorded explanation)

    Its not that we don't want to answer them, but think about it,
    Secret Success Machine is mostly a passive activity where it does
    most of the work, that includes answering YOUR questions and
    explaining the program.
    In fact, if you were paying attention to our Secret Success Machine,
    heck even my emails, you'd already know the answers!!!

    12011 Westbrae Pkwy
    STMD Unit NG 134289
    Houston, Texas 77031

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